A Dog in the House: Meet Maizie!

Maizie walking in harness

Guess what! We have a dog in the house. Meet Maizie, the 2-year old Shih Tzu we just adopted from a wonderful rescue organization called Louie’s Legacy. We had been looking for a dog to adopt for a long time, but none of them seemed right for our family until she came along.

We had to have a small dog because we don’t have much of a backyard (it’s wooded), and it isn’t fenced in. It had to be one with hair instead of fur because Dave and our son Jake have allergies. And it had to be good with younger children for my daughter Lily (others we were interested in didn’t care for kids).

Meeting Mazie 1-11

Last week we got a call from Debbie, a friend of ours who works with Louie’s Legacy, saying she thought she finally found the perfect pup for us. She knew our criteria and had been looking for months for the right one.

It was a 2-year old Shih Tzu who had been dumped at the animal shelter along with her litter of puppies. They were all starved, but she was in the worst shape. Most of the bones in her face were broken, including her jaw. The vet said they had been like that for weeks. The shelter would have put them all down, but the rescue organization took them in and nursed them back to health.

Jake and Maizie 1-11

They found homes for the puppies, but Maizie had to go through several surgeries, including a recent one that wired her jaw back together. She’s still recovering from that, but you would never know it to look at her. She was on pain meds until a few days ago and is still on antibiotics. Makes me want to cry just thinking about everything she’s been through.

Maizie-dog bed

Despite it all, she’s one of the sweetest, happiest little dogs I’ve ever seen. Considering everything she has survived and bounced back from, we think she’s pretty amazing. So we named her Maizie (The Amazing Maizie).

me and Maizie 1-11Now we’re working on a few things like walking on a leash (something she’d never done before!) and preventing house-training accidents (we’ve had a few messes to clean up), but she’s a smart pup and learning fast. One of the biggest problems is grooming. We can’t bathe her until she heals, and she runs whenever I bring out the brush!

She has two months before the vet will take the wires out of her jaw, so she’s on a special (watery) diet and needs some extra TLC, but so far she’s doing great.

I know Maizie has nothing to do with houses, really, but I just had to share with you the excitement at our house right now! :-)

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  1. says


    I came across your blog before Christmas, and I love it!
    And I have just read about your dear little dog – how can people be soooo cruel?
    I am a massive animal lover..and I was so glad to see you have given the little doggy a home. I think she will get lots of love from you!

    Sam x
    .-= Sam McPhillips´s last blog ..Vintage cook books =-.

  2. mwg says

    That is so great! We have a rescue dog, too, who was not treated well before we got her . As you said, however, it is amazing how loving and sweet and wonderful such dogs can be even after all they have gone through…. Have fun with Maizie!

  3. says


    I just woke up and came here. This brought my first smile of the day!!!

    She’s so adorable! Sooooo cute!! I love her eyes… they’re sweet. It’s great you’ve rescued her, that’s the best way to go.

    Seriously… I feel happy for your beautiful family!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    PS: Post of the day: SPA INSPIRED BATHROOMS

  4. says

    It tears at my heart every time I hear about animal abuse. Our first dog was from the humane society. She was a great dog and is missed greatly. What a cutie you have adopted. I’m so glad this story has a happy ending.
    .-= susie´s last blog ..Beach House Beach Bag Giveaway =-.

  5. says

    What a cutie! I hope you can figure out the fence situation in the spring. She’s so tiny, I would hate for a woodland creature to start messing with her. :)
    .-= Nichole´s last blog ..Fat Tuesday Vol II =-.

  6. Abby says

    I have tears in my eyes. She’s so adorable and very lucky! Thank you for rescuing!

  7. Nancy says

    I teared up reading about Maizie. She is so lucky to have a family like yours to love her. We also have a shelter dog, a beautiful brindle boxer named Scout. He is so kind and loving despite being dumped at the shelter in poor health. It makes me so sad that people would treat animals like that. He is fine now and a wonderful member of our family. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Beverly says

    What a sweet little face! I’ll never understand how people can mistreat and be so cruel to animals Thank you for not telling us how every bone in her face got to be broken (I had tears just thinking about it). It’s amazing how she can trust any human after what she’s been thru.

  9. says

    Aw, Maizie! She is just the cutest little thing!! What a story (it amazes me what people will do to animals, how in the world could anyone hurt that little face??), she is so lucky to have found you, I know she will have a wonderful, happy life with your family!!

    And I always think that a home with furry friends is so much warmer and more joyous, I’m sure you’ll find that to be true. So in a way a post about Maizie has a lot to do with houses, what makes a house a home is the people who live in it, whether they be on two or four legs =)
    Wishing your whole family lots of joy, and congratulations on your new addition!!

    P.S. since you can’t bathe her for a while I highly recommend Kiehl’s Spray-n-Play Cleansing Spritz for spot cleaning if she gets into anything. You can spray it on a washcloth and dab away at any dirty paws etc. and Kiehl’s grooming products are honestly the best smelling out there, not too scented but makes them smell clean and pleasant.
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..Winter Skin Survival =-.

  10. karin/lifeinsmallchunks@blogspot.com says

    Thank you for taking her into your home. All dogs deserve a good home. She’s adorable and I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful addition to your family. Karin

  11. says

    I’ve been going to puppy training classes with my 9 month old Lab each week for a 10 week course and it’s been fantastic for her, and me! Your kids would love it too.

    Here’s a few tips to get you started:
    -Make sure her collar is just loose enough to fit two fingers underneath.
    -Training leads work better than expendable ones, teaches them to walk with you.
    -If she’s nervous with the lead, give her tiny treats (food and affection) while letting her sniff the lead. Once she’s happy with this, fasten it to her collar and let be lay on the floor while treating so she sees it is no threat.
    -Pick up the leash and give the dog treats for good behaviour (enjoying it, walking close etc) as you walk and say ‘good girl’ to get her attention as you treat.
    -Perhaps practice the above indoors where she is comfortable before taking her outdoors.
    -Try to get her used to regular sights and sounds (google: socialising puppies).
    -To brush or towel dry her, simply give treats as you do. Someone else could let her lick treats as you brush so she sees it as a positive experience.
    -Make a loud and quick ‘AH-AH’ noise when she does behaviour you don’t want to encourage (mouthing, chewing etc etc). If this does not work a plastic drinking bottle 1/4 filled with pebbles shaken should stop her.

    Toilet training:
    -After a nap, instantly take her outside and do not leave until she has done her business. Praise as she does.
    -Slightly after meals repeat above (and then every hour, building up when her bladder has).
    -If she soils/pees over night perhaps have a bedtime crate, she will learn to hold it over night as she won’t spoil where she sleeps.
    -Don’t rub her nose in her indoor mess, it will just teach her to hide it from you making it difficult to spot her patterns. Instead, say ‘no!’ when she does and instantly take her outside.

    Sorry for the essay of tips, I hope they’re useful for you :).
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..my dash can be a little quiet at times- like this and ill check out your blog when im free tomorrow – =-.

  12. says

    Yay, Julia!!! :) She is just adorable. I really and truly think that shelter dogs are grateful when they are adopted.

    We adopted 13 year old Penny (a little black Pomeranian) from the SPCA in May. Someone left her tied up to a sign in our church parking lot, and before I could call my husband to ask if I could bring her home, the maintenance man took her to the shelter (they recognized her b/c her owner had tried to leave her at the shelter an hour or two before). I spent 2 weeks going back and forth to the SPCA to do paperwork, etc. and then Penny finally came home with us. She was a little traumatized, but she is the snuggliest dog I’ve ever met. She gets along great with the girls and our other Pom. She might not be the most beautiful dog, but I’m so glad we brought her home.

    So happy for you guys!! :)
    .-= Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog ..Getting Organized 2011 =-.

  13. says

    …congrats on the your newest family member..The one pic, reminds me of those little English dog ornaments! Popular name too.. a friend of mine name their dog Macey…just different spelling..looks like she has already brought joy to you all!

  14. says

    Thanks for sharing your dog story and I can see why you are excited. It’s so hard to believe anyone could mistreat a dog. I’m so happy that Maizie has found a loving home and I’m sure she’ll give you lots of love back over the years. Pets are such important parts of our houses and lives. Love your post!
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..The Curious Case of the Secret Light Switch =-.

  15. Jane says

    Please spoil her terribly for me! I’m sure that with all the love she will receive that her sad past will be forgotten. Congratulations on the new addition to your family!


  16. says

    Congratulations to all of you! I work with animal rescue in the west and know how rewarding your new family life will be. For those that feel sad by these stories, remember that rescues are HAPPY! These animals are in wonderful situations now, and rather than be sad, go to your local rescue’s website and donate: time, money, old towels, money, bleach, cat litter, money, crates, toys, or money!! Find one where you feel confident that your donations are well-used. Foster these recovering dogs (I have a pregnant Lab mix at my feet who will have her puppies any day now. Her family moved away and left her behind). And: Spay or neuter your own dogs and cats!!!!

  17. says


    Your post warmed my heart this cold January day in NJ. What a wonderful deed to open your home and life up to an animal in need. We have a Rat Terrier, Scout, that we rescued. He was 9 months old and had gone through 5 homes. He was also abused but with time learned to trust us. I wish you all the luck with your newest addition.


    .-= FairfieldHouse´s last blog ..Impressions =-.

  18. Rena says

    That’s a wonderful way to start the new year! Congrats on finding the right pup and kudos to you for rescuing that sweet little girl! I have an 11 year old female Shih Tzu that is the light of our lives. They are very sweet dogs. Good luck with the training. They can be a bit stubborn (especially with the house training) but patience and a little understanding go a long way. Once they ‘get it’ they really GET IT. :)

  19. Phyllis Briner says

    Awwww, I’m so glad you found her and so glad you shared her story. All my best to you all!
    Now, where is a tissue when a girl needs one? sniffle, sniffle…

  20. says

    Hi Julia,

    Maizie will be bring as much joy to you, as you give to her! So happy she found such a wonderful family!

  21. says

    Sooooo sweet. It made me cry to hear that her jaw had been broken. Who did that to her I wonder. How could they? I am so glad she has found a loving family to take care of her. Love her name!
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Want to See =-.

  22. says

    I’m so happy for your entire family! Our Shih Tzu “Bentley” is the love of my life.It never fails that no matter what kind of day you’re having,one look into those eyes will cure you.Your poor baby has been through so much. Thank you for taking her into your warm wonderful home. I’m sure Maizie will train easily. Small dogs do take a little longer but they get it.My Bentley also hates the grooming so I keep him in what they call the “puppy cut” (short).The haircuts got to be really expensive so I actually learned how to do it myself.Ok I’ve gushed enough, so I’ll just tell you that you’ll never be sorry and that you have so much to look foward to with a Shih Tzu in your life! <3

  23. Cheryl says

    Congrats on the new addition to your family. Maizie is adorable! She’s going to heal and be better than ever with the love your family will give her. I’m planning to get a dog in the spring/summer for my Olivia. We have been puppy sitting different breeds to get an idea of what we like and the shih tzu (Bailey) is our favourite. He’s such good company and so loving! I abslolutely love the sound of his toenails clicking on the floor as he runs to meet me when I get home. Enjoy your new bundle of fur!

  24. pat says

    We took in a abused and abandoned shih tzu several years ago. It did take weeks of TLC but he is our most precious possession. Your kindness will be repaid in ways you could never anticipate.

  25. says

    She is such a sweetie! I adopted my Lhasa Apso, Maggie, 8 years ago (she’s 12 now). She was from a puppy mill, that the spca shut down and seized 38 animals. They were in horrid conditions (I won’t go into the awful details), and brought to my vet clinic for treatment (I’m a vet). Maggie was one of many, but we bonded instantly, and she came home that very day, and has been a wonderful pet ever since. Enjoy your new addition, and spoil her rotten!
    ps usually mandibular fractures heal quite well, without any lasting effects =)
    .-= andrea´s last blog ..Photowalls =-.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I’m glad to hear that, Andrea. I haven’t had a chance to take her to the vet yet (her foster mom had just taken her there) and have been kind of worried about it. Thanks! -Julia

  26. says

    She’s so sweet! I’m so excited for you. I can’t believe that people treat dogs that way sometimes. But I’m thankful for her happy ending.

    We adopted a Golden/Collie mix this past October. Her name is Daisy and we just love her.
    .-= Amy Button´s last blog ..Bo =-.

  27. says

    She is just precious! I just love rescue/shelter dogs. Today is actually my dog’s 4th birthday (anniversary of me adopting her from a local rescue). She’s a pug/beagle mix that was starved and abused by her previous owner. But she’s the most loving, cuddly dog ever despite her sad history. My life just wasn’t complete till she showed up and now I don’t know what I’d do without her.
    .-= Mandi´s last blog ..Dessert for Breakfast! =-.

  28. says

    Oooooh, sweet Maize. She is so blessed that your family was looking for her!!
    What a darling dog. We use rescues to find our dogs and have always been very pleased! Her life will be oh, so much better now!
    .-= Becky K.´s last blog ..Just Chatting =-.

  29. says

    Lucky pooch! She’s found a great home. There are so many GOOD dogs and cats in shelters who NEED and DESERVE a loving home. I highly commend you for rescuing a dog!!!
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..Beat You to It- Ballard! =-.

  30. Spring says

    Poor little Maisy! Unbelievable how cruel people can be to animals, it makes me so mad. She’s so lucky to have been adopted by your loving family!

    We got all of our pets from the shelter and they make the best companions ever. They’re a little bit crazy but crazy suits us. :)

  31. ljb says

    You are going to be so blessed. How can people treat animals that way. We have two shih tzus and they are so sweet and smart. Try to start crate training for the potty training. My dogs caught on in 2 weeks. Have fun with her!

  32. Vickie H. says

    God bless you and God bless Maizie! You have done an absolutely WONDERFUL thing, taking in a special needs dog. My husband and I are dog rescuers in Dallas and we know how difficult it can be to find a home for a dog that isn’t “perfect”!!!
    Thank you so much for considering rescue and for making such a difference in the life of this dog! I promise you that you will get back 10 times and more whatever you put out for this poor sweet pup! You will NEVER regret it! Thanks for sharing this story! If only EVERYONE would spay and neuter!!!

  33. says

    What a sad life she has had up to now! She looks so adorable, we adopted a dog at Christmas time and already she has bought so much joy to our family. Congratulations on your new family addition :)
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Funniest Video Ever =-.

  34. says

    My kids are dying for a dog! I have not given in yet, but think it will happen one of these days!

  35. says

    Oh, that poor little dog!! It breaks my heart to hear about animals being so abused! How wonderful that this story has a happy ending – I’m sure she will be pampered and loved in her new home :) Oh, and great name – I have a Maisy, too, a one-year-old West Highland Terrier. Only instead of Amazing Mazie, she’s CRAZY Maisy!! :)
    .-= Lori-Anne´s last blog ..Resolutions for a New Year- Pamper Yourself =-.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I like the Maisy spelling. My kids insisted that she needed a “Z” in her name. Ha. My husband has been calling her “Lazy Maizie” because she naps a lot! :-)

  36. says

    Wow; you made the best kind of adoption! Puppies always go quickly, and it’s always the mother or an older pet waiting for a home. How sweet! I’m glad you shared; this is a special moment, indeed!
    Big hugs to the newest member of the family!!
    .-= Jenny Hillman´s last blog ..Rooming- Denali &amp Ocean Part 1 =-.

  37. Lily says

    Wow, there’s a lot of dust in here…
    It’s amazing what some people put animals through. I’m so glad she’s found such a great home!
    We have 2 rescues, and recently lost our 3rd to old age. It has been really tough losing her; they really become members of the family.

  38. Rick says

    Congrats to Maizie for finding her forever home. I know this is a House Blog but houses are homes when you have pets.

    My family has 4 of the little “dust mop” Shih Tzus. The girls are 2yrs old and the boys are 6 months old. They all have the same mom and dad. They are all fixed so they are “safe” with others.

    My wife did rescue for the Shih Tzu Rescue group near us. The only problem is she got 4 different pups needing homes and we adopted 2, her parents adopted 1 and only 1 went outside of family. They are hard to let go.

    We have always had at least 2-3 of them and it is a joy to see them play together and race around. Each has a different personality.

    When we would go out to gramma’s house everyone brought their Shih Tzus to visit hers and we had 7 Shih Tzus running around and falling in a fuzzy heap when they tired out. It was Shih Tzu Heaven.

    Rick S
    + Mercedes, Kricket, Oscar, & Brinkley

  39. says

    Oh so thrilled for y’all! We adopted our little Sophia Patrillo from a rescue like that one. Only se was a maltese. It took a year to get her hair grown out and lookin’ right. Then we found out by accident that she came with a “stock” trick as we called it. She stood on her back legs and twirled. We lost her a year ago this March. We had her for five years and I will never ever have a big dog again (larger than 10 lbs) or one that does not come way of a rescue. They are just the sweetest dogs. I think Maizie is just cute as a button. If I still had my bag to carry as a purse for a dog I’d send it to you. You and Maizie need to look Sassy when out and about.

  40. says

    Oh, she is so sweet! I love it when people adopt their pets! We have rescued all of the dogs we have had in our family and they have been wonderful additions to our family.
    .-= Alycia´s last blog ..Stone Veneer Walls Are Hawt =-.

  41. Lynne says

    Congratulations !!! Rescue Dogs are the BEST dogs I have ever had the privledge of sharing a house with. Maizie is a very lucky dog to have found a home with you and your family. Congratulations again.

  42. Lili says

    Aw! What a special, sweet little girl! I’m so glad that you guys have been blessed by her presence, and that she is so blessed to get another chance at life and love with such a wonderful family!

  43. Lili says

    P.S. I actually got choked up reading this, and writing my response!

  44. says

    Oh, how precious! She is so lucky to have found you!! I’m sure she’ll settle down and get used to the leash and grooming…and with time and patience, she’ll come to love it…Much like our Benny does!!
    .-= Jan from Rose Haven´s last blog ..From My Kitchen to Yours =-.

  45. jan says

    What an adorable face! And add my heartfelt thanks to you, your family for giving this poor wee soul a forever home! What a sad sad story! All of our cats are “foundlings” — and some found us! And we always say that they rescued us! Many blessings on you, your dear family and home for such a kind act!

  46. Kay says

    Congrats on your new little ‘angel dog’…….as lucky as she is to be given such a wonderful home and life after all she has been through, I suspect you’ll very quickly (if not already) discover that your family is the true winner here……she will be a constant source of joy! I know you will love every minute of her!!

  47. Lindsay Knispel Smith :) says

    What a cutie! I don’t know if you know this or not but both of our dogs (Roxy and Dixie) were rescues. So, Corey and I have a special place in our hearts for dogs like Maizie and Roxy and Dixie because they’ve all been through so much more than a dog should ever have to go through! Anyway, I’m glad that she’s working out so well for you guys!! Happy doggie days! Love you all!! :)

  48. Rachel says

    Thank you for adopting a rescue pet. We also have a Shih Tzu, my MIL adopted from the shelter when he was 5 yo. She passed away in 2007 and Buddy came to live with us and our yellow Lab, Angel, also a rescue. He’s such a sweet guy and we love him dearly.

  49. says

    What a sweet, adorable doggie! She is truly blessed to find a good home with you and your family. I can never understand how humans can abuse an animal but those horrible days are now before her. Thanks so much for sharing your loving story.
    .-= Teacup Lane´s last blog ..S&ampH Green Stamps Chair =-.

  50. js says

    If Maizie doesn’t like a brush, try a comb. My rescue Yorkie was terrified of brushes, but didn’t mind a comb. With his fine hair, he really didn’t need a brush anyway.

    I think you are in the Cincinnati area, and I recommend the Veterinary Wellness center in Harrison. The vet there also practices chiropractic and accupuncture on dogs and cats, in addition to the normal vet stuff. These might be especially helpful for a dog that has been through what poor Maizie has been through. It did my Yorkie a world of good.

    • hookedonhouses says

      Thanks! I’ll try the comb and see if she likes it any better.

      Harrison is a long way from here, but I’ll have to look for a place that practices acupuncture and things like that. For the time being I’ll be driving across town to the vet who has been treating her, but then I’ll need to find one nearby. With her history, I definitely need to find a good one to care for her.

  51. says

    My heart is breaking my half thinking about her previous life. I can’t even bear to think about it….how can people be so cruel?

    I’m so glad that she will have a wonderful life now.
    .-= Julie´s last blog ..Simple Things =-.

  52. says

    Awhh!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Why is it we say congrats when people adopt dogs, have babies, get married….but not so much for cats?? Why is that??!!?

    But congrats on the newest family member!!! She looks like a real tough lady!

    Tell’er all About It
    .-= Lindsay@Tell’er All About It´s last blog ..Happy New Year – We’re BACK! =-.

  53. Ann says

    I love you for taking her in (can I say that when I don’t know you?). She seems real sweet and she is a lucky little girl for getting you for a family.

  54. grapevine93 says

    You will soon see just how much dogs do have to do with houses!They warm large spaces and make them intimate & cozy. If I were at home I would send you a copy of the book “Second Hand Dog”. Extremely helpful. We had dogs from shelters that were incredible pets. But adopted one terrier/bearded mix (Hobbes) that was quite a challenge. This small book was enormously helpful, as was a trainer. We currently have 2 terriers adopted ” by accident,” loved to pieces by choice, who are currently eating our sofabed. It was due for reupholstery anyhow. Wish I could attach picture. With sweet faces and heart touching stories such as yours and my dogs have they are so easy to love and forgive. We are still working hard on good manners. They work hard on being loving & do it well!Much luck.patience & Maizie longevity!

  55. grapevine93 says

    You will soon see just how much dogs do have to do with houses!They warm large spaces and make them intimate & cozy. If I were at home I would send you a copy of the book “Second Hand Dog”. Extremely helpful. We had dogs from shelters that were incredible pets. But adopted one terrier/bearded mix (Hobbes) that was quite a challenge. This small book was enormously helpful, as was a trainer. We currently have 2 terriers adopted ” by accident,” loved to pieces by choice, who are currently eating our sofabed. It was due for reupholstery anyhow. Wish I could attach picture. With sweet faces and heart touching stories such as yours and my dogs have they are so easy to love and forgive. We are still working hard on good manners. They work hard on being loving & do it well!Much luck.patience & Maizie longevity!

  56. LindaSonia says

    God bless you and the rescue organization for nurturing this pup back to good health. I sobbed reading her story but am so happy she’s in a home that will love her like she deserves!!

  57. says

    Congratulations on your new furry family member! :-) Maizie is so lucky to have had the opportunity to be saved by the rescue group, and good for you for adopting a shelter pet :-) I think they make the BEST pets! All of our dogs have been rescues – the latest is Jackson, a Catahoula Leopard Dog who came to Ottawa from a shelter in Ohio. No idea about his background other than they think his back left leg was broken at some point from being hit by a car, and it didn’t heal properly. But you’d never know it the way he runs and plays! And he has the absolute BEST disposition – just like Maizie, in spite of his past, he’s so happy and loving :-)

    Sending lots of pats to Maizie :-)
    .-= Kelly @ JAX does design´s last blog ..Sarah 101- Episode 2- Trish’s Nursery =-.

  58. says

    Isn’t it amazing how much strength and forgiveness dogs are capable of?
    She may not have anything to do with houses, but she does have a lot to do with home! She’s a beautiful girl! Congratulations!

  59. Anne Craig says

    OH HOW PRECIOUS! You all look like family already! Best wishes!

  60. says

    oh my gosh, poor sweet thing. you literally saved her life. i so wish more people would choose to adopt from a rescue than go with a breeder. we adopted our cat about 2 years ago, and she has made my boyfriend and i feel like a little family. happy new puppy!
    .-= the cape on the corner´s last blog ..Diners- Drive-ins- and Jives =-.

  61. Betty Farley says

    But a dog makes a house a home. Totally appropriate and bless you for taking this poor thing in and loving her. I wonder if she had been beaten by someone using a brush-like object. I mean, who could do such a thing, besides Michael Vick that is.

    • hookedonhouses says

      We don’t know what happened to her, so that could be. She’s pretty calm and trusting, but the minute I try to brush her, she runs away! And boy, does she need brushing. :)


      • Vida says

        The saddest thing would have been if she had been put down without having known love and affection, so it is a wonderful thing that you have done.

        You could leave the brush out and let her get used to it and see that it is perfectly innocuous. Put it among her toys or leave it near her sleeping area. When you use it you can make a game of it and give her treats at the same time so that she starts associating the brush with good instead of bad.

        Good luck with her and enjoy her!

  62. says

    She is adorable! I have a shih tzu the same color to, but her name is Zoey. she is the best dog ever and we love her so much. You both will be very happy to have each other. Congratulations!
    .-= Leah´s last blog ..Christmas at My House =-.

  63. Mariah says

    Bless you Julia, and your family, for adopting a shelter dog! So happy to hear that Maizie now has a permanent, safe, loving home. And my heart goes out to the vet and the rescue organization that spent so much time carefully repairing her injuries. My husband and I have two shelter dogs, Annie and Daisy. Both of them made their way to us as adults after being neglected and abandoned. After a transition period that was at times frustrating (Annie was overly timid and fearful and Daisy was overly hyperactive and strung out) they have blossomed into the wonderful, well-adjusted, affectionate dogs they were born to be.

  64. says

    Congrats on the precious little pooch, Maizy. What a sweet face. Its wonderful what you have done and quite inspirational as well. I wish you a happy life together.
    I really like your blog and glad I found it, am new to blogworld and its so much fun hearing all about everyones stories and lives!
    I just started one, 10 days ago about the building of our home and my love for decor and lifes pretty things…would love you to check it out (especially since you are hooked on houses) You would like my post yesterday about the Georgian collection…anyway its

    Thanks and best of luck!

  65. Beccy says

    What an wonderful addition to your family. We have 2 shih tzu’s and they are they are wonderful. Such personalities! Enjoy your newest addition.

  66. Kim says

    Touching story! I’m glad that Maizie is doing better. She is so lucky to have found your wonderful family.

    I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to animals. I also don’t get why those that can’t take care of pets, get an animal in the first place.

    For potty training Maizie, I would highly recommend not using potty pads. Alot of dogs that have been trained to go on the pads, go on them some of the time, but still end up going on the carpet and you wouldn’t want that. Instead, you could take Maizie outside on a leash so she can relieve herself. Just a thought.

  67. says

    She is so sweet. And she will add so much to your home—so I think she has a lot to do with home!

  68. says

    How adorable!! I’m so glad you rescued her. It makes me cry to think of what she went through. How awful. I don’t understand people who do those kinds of things to innocent animals.

    You should look into getting a grooming mitt. That way you can brush her while you pet her. She’d probably like that, and then you could introduce the brush slowly.
    .-= Loribeth´s last blog ..To the Vet…Again!! =-.

  69. says

    Congratulations!!!! How wonderful that you brought her home. Terrible the things she has been through. With all she has been through and with that special diet, it might take awhile for the housebreaking to really work. So hang in there. Poor little dear. I’m so happy for her and you and your family!

  70. Patty Lucas says

    We rescued two pit bulls that are the loves of our lives. We have a sign on our car that says who rescued who because I think they rescued us. Enjoy your little sweetheart and know that you did something wonderful!

  71. Lauren (in PA) says

    So glad you and Maizie found each other! My kitty is a rescue too, but had not gone through the trauma that your puppers has.

    Have fun together!

  72. says

    Julia, bless your heart. What a lucky, sweet pup…and a lucky family, too! Congrats on your new addition. Rescue dogs are the best. :) Thanks for sharing your story. I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots more of the beautiful Maizie!!!
    .-= Kelly, Arte Styling´s last blog ..Color Questionnaire =-.

  73. says

    She is too stinkin’ adorable!! And I’m so thrilled to hear that you went the rescue route – sweet little Maizie hit the jackpot with your family!!
    .-= Anne´s last blog ..Whos the Boss =-.

  74. says

    OH! She’s such a precious baby girl!!!! You will all be such blessings to each other. Love her well and she will bring you so much joy!!!
    .-= Tonya´s last blog ..The Weekly Bean =-.

  75. Cindy says

    She is so cute! This is a wonderful thing you did for her and for you. Enjoy her company Julia.

  76. Jan says

    I’m probably echoing lots of other comments, but I believe dogs have a lot to do with houses…they make them much more of a home. I am so thrilled that Maizie and your family have been brought together. We adopted a little cat from a rescue group 13 years ago and she has been the most wonderful pet. She quickly responded to our home and family which amazed me since she too had such a horrific start. She and our dog could make a daily cartoon for me to write if I had any talent in that area. Great name, wonderful story, happy ending. Yay!

  77. Megan says

    She is so beautiful! I’ve wanted to get a little dog for a long time and I want to call her Macy so I love her name, Maizie, how adorable.

    I hope she finds happiness and peace within your lovely home.

  78. Cindy says

    How absolutely wonderful! I was a humane educator for many years, and I can tell you when a furbaby finds a loving family it’s a victory for everybody! Maizie is adorable and I know she’ll be a great addition to your family.

    I knew there was a reason I love this blog so much! Yay for Maizie and yay for you guys.


  79. Joan says

    Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for stepping up and taking in this poor little dog. May you have many happy years together!!

  80. carol says

    You are wonderful to take in a rescue dog and one with “issues”. So many people want only pretty pedigreed dogs. Ours is a rescue dog (a mutt) and she is center of our home. I should change that- she is the center of her home and graciously lets us live here with her. Enjoy Maisie!

  81. dduff says

    Maizie is Amazing, what a blessing
    we adopted a Shih Tzu 4 years ago!
    The best thing we’ve ever done!!!
    It took about 6 months for him to feel home,
    he had been dumped twice.
    We wouldn’t give him up for anything…
    I hope your Maizie brings you as much joy!!!!!!

  82. Lisa says

    How wonderful that you are giving Maizie a loving home-something it doesn’t sound like she’s had before.

  83. Kirsten says

    Congratulations on little Maizie! We have a shih tzu named Shiloh who is truly the pampered prince of the house. We all love him to pieces. We talked about getting a dog for a while before we got him, and we’ve never regretted it. He’s helped teach our boys responsibility and compassion. Shih tzus are a wonderful breed – so loving and smart. You’ll definitely get back all the love you give!

  84. says

    Thank you Julia for taking this precious pup into your home! She is SO adorable! She looks like the perfect fit, like she’s been there all along. I’m always so touched when people like you rescue animals and make them a part of your family. Rescue dogs make the best dogs! We rescued our Maltese who was also abused with a broken rib and missing teeth, her fur was badly matted, it made us sick to see the neglect and abuse of such a wonderful animal. It takes a lot of time and patience but the rewards are innumerable-unconditional love! I definitely recommend monthly grooming and the puppy cut (a shorter hair cut much less maintenance) when she’s healthy and able. Find a local groomer (she’s small you shouldn’t have any problems there) and you will be all set! We lost our sweet girl two (January’s) years ago, this post made me all the more teary eyed. Enjoy this little angel in a fur coat! Thank you again!
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..Taking Inventory =-.

  85. Jennifer says

    You said that she doesn’t like to be brushed. If you make the brushing a special bonding time, instead of just a grooming, she may be more inclined to like it. The same way with baths. Take special time to cuddle with her, talk to her in a slow, soothing, loving voice. Then, just start to brush gently and slowly. Don’t make any quick moves and keep your voice slow and soothing. It may take a few times before it clicks, but it will work. If you find knots in her fur, use a comb very gently to loosen them.

    Good luck, and GOD bless your family for it’s loving heart(s).

  86. melissa says

    Awwww oh my goodness! Biggest congratulations…you found the perfect doggie and she found the perfect family. Bless your hearts – especially the furry one. Hugs to you on this one! Yay! -Melissa

  87. says

    Oh. My. Goodness. That is the sweetest looking little dog. Bravo for adopting!!! We have a little shitzu, bichon cross that looks similar. His name is Jasper and he is my little sidekick! Enjoy!

  88. Ms Carson says

    Congratulations. Our family has had shih tzus for years… they are lovely, affectionate, loyal dogs.

    Maizie is beautiful and so sweet looking despite her tragic past… poor girl.
    Love one another and enjoy!!!

  89. JoAnn in NJ says

    Maizie is adorable – what a beautiful pup! We just adopted a new puppy in Dec – shih tzu/poodle mix and we adore her!

    Blessings to you and your new addition – she surely has been through a tough time and I bet she is soaking up all the love your family has to give her :)

    So happy for you!

  90. Bridget says

    Congrats on your new family member! I’m SO glad that your family and Maizie found each other! The love you give an animal will be returned in tenfold. Congrats again!!!

  91. says

    You’re wrong you know? Maizie has everything to do with houses. A house becomes a home once it has a pet in it. We have a rescued dog too and he is the sweetest fellow. They are so grateful for the love you willingly bestow on them. Enjoy your Maizie and don’t forget to bring us up to date on her antics from time to time.

    Jennifer xx
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Choosing the right colour =-.

  92. Jared says

    I love shih tzus! They are really fantastic dogs, great with kids and families and so sweet! Congratulations!

  93. Nita says

    OMG, what an adorable face! Poor, poor baby!!!! She is probably afraid of the brush because she may have been beaten with an object. Poor sweetheart. I don’t understand people anymore. Anyone who would do this should be shot as far as I am concerned because they are evil.

  94. says

    Oh, Julia, this is better than seeing any upscale house! You and your family are Maizie’s heroes! What a lovely story of your adopting her. And how sad what happened to her! I wonder WHAT happened to her. I wonder how ANYONE could do that to her. No wonder you might cry when you look at her. She looks so sweet. She will be so grateful to all of you when she relaxes and realizes she is ‘home.’ Congratulations to the new member of your family.
    P.S. Maybe someone hit her with a brush (or what looked to her to be a brush) and she’s scared when she sees you with it. Poor thing. How about petting her and THEN pulling it out from behind a cushion and just setting it on the couch and not even using it, so she’ll get used to just LOOKING at it, without it going on her? Good luck…
    .-= Gloria´s last blog ..Yes! We DID have snow! Man- what snow!! =-.

  95. Nazneen says

    God Bless you and your family for doing this and so happily too. Most times I feel ashamed belonging to the human race, considering how we treat others…….so shabbily! Maizie looks like an angel and am sure she will become your guardian angel as you have truly saved her life!

  96. Donya says

    I am so happy you got a sweet little pup. Makes me want to cry to think about the things that she must have had to go through to get to you and your family. Have fun with her and give her alot of love because you will get it back three fold.

  97. says

    Oh, bless your heart for taking in this little precious fuzzy face. Julia, little Maizie is adorable. Poor little thing going through all that ordeal. She’s in a wonderful home now and I’m sure she’ll fill your family’s hearts with much love! She’s so tiny and look at those pretty little eyes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia 😉
    .-= Shelia´s last blog ..One Dollar Each =-.

  98. says

    Julia! A house is not a home until it has a dog. And you know what? If there’s anything I love more than houses, it is dogs. Right now, it may seem like Maizie is blessed for having found a wonderful family like yours. But before long, you will see that the blessings are more to you and your family because only a dog loves so unconditionally and so unremittingly. I remember reading an old saying that goes something like, “a dog remembers the hand that throws a piece of bread once even if it is followed by nothing but pebbles.” And it’s good for your kids, too. And every room looks better when it has a dog in it!

  99. says

    Maizie! I love her name, and I’m so glad that you and she found each other! She’s just adorable, and I’m so proud of you for giving her a loving home.

    I don’t care if this story has nothing to do with houses–I love stories about the lives of the people (and pets!) who live in your house! :)
    .-= Richella´s last blog ..Dear Lord- forgive me =-.

  100. Kelly Sawyer says

    God Bless You and your wonderful family!!! As a rescuer it is a tale we hear too often. I’m so thankful she found you!

  101. Julie says

    Your blog is about homes, not just houses; and that is what you are giving her. If what I’ve heard about rescue dogs is true, she will be grateful to you every day and will pay you back with lots of love. Such an adorable little dog, I’m so glad she found a loving (and patient) family. :)

  102. says

    Congrats on the new addition to your family. She’s adorable. And my heart breaks for her story. But thank goodness for families like yours who can give them the life they deserve.
    .-= Justine´s last blog ..personalized burp cloths =-.

  103. Emily says

    Awwww! Maizie’s story makes me want to cry! She has such a sweet face! I’m glad you got her!

  104. Dawn says

    This story made me cry. I hate stories about animal abuse. But I love happy endings!

    This is a beautiful story and Maizie is a sweetie! I’m glad that she found your home!

  105. Barbara says

    Congrats on your new little family member, there’s nothing like a little fur ball to greet you at the door every time you come home, and snuggle with at bedtime (our beagle Remy gets tired of waiting for me and goes to bed by himself…it’s great, he warms up the sheets! We got him from a local shelter, glad you’ve rescued a pup, it’s the best!

  106. Dean says

    Good for you! And good for Maizie! What a great story (sad, but with a happy new beginning) . Hope you guys have many happy years together. Congratulations!

  107. Elisha says

    This is really wonderful Julia. Maizie is one lucky girl. A home just isn’t the same without a dog. I have brother and sister Pembroke Welsh Corgis who have made our house a wonderful, imperfect home full of memories. Last week my boy died suddenly and his absence has left a huge hole in our family. All the best to you and your family with your new addition. These furry ones add an immeasurable amount of joy to our lives.

  108. Fifi Flowers says

    Ooh she is precious! I dont understand how people can be so cruel to furry little creatures. Enjoy her!
    .-= Fifi Flowers´s last blog ..Fashionable Camping =-.

  109. says

    What a sweetheart she is! SO happy that you have chosen adoption. I volunteer at a local animal rescue and there are so many animals that just want someone to love them. Thanks for sharing your story!
    .-= Melanie {The Tiny Tudor}´s last blog ..Jack Vettriano =-.

  110. Anne says

    I am so glad that God has sent this little one to you and your family. I am sure you will all love her so much and give her the wonderful life that each little creature deserves. Bless you for giving little Maizie the happiness that she has missed in her life. She is just beautiful…and so are you and your family.

  111. says

    how lovely for you and how wonderful for maizie – she has found a wonderful family to call hers.

    we have a wee doggie now too – bo the dalmatain – huge joy best le
    .-= le@thirdontheright´s last blog ..bo baby grows =-.

  112. says

    oh my goodness, what a wonderful story – you are an inspiration, if it were not for the 3 pets we already have, I’d rush out to an animal shelter right now and repeat your good deed. Yes maizey (great name) is lucky to have you guys, wonderful happy family to be around who truly will love her, but you are lucky to have found her too, I sense it. Good luck to you guys, well done !!! She is just sooooooo adorable, I’d love to hear how she goes over time too!!.
    .-= Annie@A View on Design´s last blog ..Benchmark Balmain =-.

  113. says

    Oh Julia…Maizie is an angel…and so are you for rescuing her, especially since she has such health needs. It’s so heartbreaking what people will cause animals to suffer…so happy she will now be loved and taken care of for the rest of her life, as she so deserves. She seems to have been a very popular post too!

    Happy and healing thoughts are being sent her way…
    xo J~
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Queensland Love =-.

  114. says

    OMG she is adorable!!! And she has EVERYTHING to do with houses.

    You’ll know you’ve gone over the edge when you start talking in that little bitty dog voice for her.. not that I would know about any of that nonsense. I am way too refined for such matters. {lightening strike}

  115. Krista says

    You guys are AMAZING for taking this precious baby in and giving her a second chance. I’m in pug rescue and it’s easy to think about how many dogs never get the second chance that they deserve but it’s moments like these that remind me why I rescue them in the first place. Please keep us updated on her progress!

  116. Colette says

    Awwww Julia……. That just made my whole week better. We got our own “Maizie” 3 weeks ago. He was abandoned in Chama, NM as a tiny pup. He had never lived anywhere but on the streets. He was just about to be put down when they called us and asked if we’d like to take on an enormous challenge. He is terrified of cars, leashes, being indoors, etc. But he is such an old soul with sad eyes and a gentle heart. Thank you for being the kind of person that you are. Maizie is VERY lucky to have found you.

  117. WonderingWoman says

    All my dogs are rescues and that’s where my heart is, knowing yours is there too makes me enjoy Hooked on Houses even more.

  118. Carol says

    Bless ur hearts for giving her love and the medical attention she needs. We’ve recently applied a little 1 yr old chihuhua. She was on the street and we think some kind of abuse on her hip before that. So I can relate to all that your going through, ours is a very sweet girl too. Not barky or shivery like chihuahuas reputation just grateful to have a loving family now. Just wanted to say good for you, she deserves a break in life!

  119. Jodi from New Jersey says

    I’m so excited for you about Maizie! I have a Shih-tzu, too, named Ginger, the love of my life…… She brings so much joy to us all, even my college age son. Enjoy her and spoil her a lot. Another reason for me to love you and your blog. Congrats!

  120. Joan says

    Looks like Maizie found a forever home. Congratulations on the adorable addition to your family.

  121. says

    Maizie is adorable! We also have a Shih tzu we bought 3 yrs ago. I had said I’d never have a dog in the house, BUT…. I couldn’t have anymore kids and I always wanted a little girl :) So when we saw her, we fell in love! She was the runt of the litter and so small…but you can’t tell it now – ha!

    She had an accident about a year ago and lost one of her eyes. We were devastated for her, but she’s doing so well. We really don’t even notice it…she looks kinda like a little stuffed animal that lost one of her button eyes :( But the way we keep her cut, it’s really isn’t that noticeble. She’s spoiled rotten and in charge of everything at our house!

    Glad I ran across your blog…….lots of good stuff!

  122. says

    What an awesome story! I’m 100% (make that 1000%) behind rescues. We got our little April from a rescue. Every once in a while I read about their new dogs, and it breaks my heart. I hope that everyone has such a great success story.

  123. Sharon Reid says

    This little creature is soooo sweet. I hope that if the jaw was broken by a human, they are treated to the full extent of the law! Read the story of Josie, a blind border collie, abandoned on a road in Idaho. She was taken by a rescue group in Winnipeg. She now has a wonderful home in Carbonear, Newfoundland, her forever home. CTV news.

  124. says

    Hi Julia! I’ve been following ur blog for quite some time now and i saw Maizie before but I never knew her story. You and Your family are just the best for saving her and creating a loving home for her. I also have 2 doggs we’ve rescued together with my husband. I know how much love they can give. Greets, Marika:)

    • says

      Thanks, Marika! It’s amazing how much joy she’s brought into our lives. It’s been wonderful to see her get so much stronger and healthier over the the last year and a half. :-)

  125. says

    I am a little late on this post. But oH AM I HAPPY you got her. I love Shitzus they are wonderful . We adopted Harley about 2 months ago. And i am so in love with him . I think how could anyone give him up! He sits on his hind legs and and looks up at me with those brown eyes and i just could surrender everything to him. My Rudi is 12 and he has been temporarily paralyzed twice and half blind. But he is a firecracker. He walks cricked but he walks and sometimes he has little accidents but his will to carry on just amazes me. He stills tells me off (barks) , so i figure he is just fine ! lol. He sleeps on me and Harley puts his butt against my face. I have a smile every night when we go to sleep!:)