Does This Count as a Double Vanity?

tub and sink combo

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, this “double vanity” popped up in a listing for a $349,000 house in Redmond, Washington. Have you ever seen a tub incorporated into the counter next to the sink before? Seems like things could get awkward when you’re trying to take a bath and someone else needs to brush their teeth…

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  1. says

    This is hysterical. Never seen anything like it. Looks like they got that beautiful blue counter top on the cheap, & didn’t have a lot of counter-top-altering skills. What d’ya think? =)
    .-= Sally´s last blog ..December 6th The Tree =-.

  2. says

    That’s actually creeping me out a little-not sure why. Maybe it’s the paneling or the idea that you would have to climb up on the counter in front of the window to get into the tub. Either way-ick
    .-= rosie at 3rosebuds´s last blog ..Christmas Card 2010 =-.

  3. says

    o-O Goodness! I do not know which is worse….having the tub sunken into the countertop with a scarily fragile-looking bench to help you access it, or the crayola color scheme…..
    I guess the tub is worse because you can always buy lots of paint and get new countertops (sans bathtub, one hopes)!
    .-= Ricki Jill Treleaven´s last blog ..Our Cottage Kitchen =-.

  4. says

    Wow… I have to say, that houses in the USA definitely aren’t boring! I just can’t get my head around, why someone would think this is a good look?? I bet the realtor couldn’t keep a straight face taking the picture! Lx
    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Christmas is a mince pie =-.

  5. Carol M says

    Trying to think of something positive to say: It would be much easier to bathe the toddlers in. But, oh is that bad looking.

  6. says

    Wow, this photo is wrong on soooo many levels!!!! Or I guess one level which is very disconcerting!!!
    .-= Stephanie Coop´s last blog .. =-.

  7. Mary says

    An example of a bad DIY job. The paint is badly done too. Of course, that price IS a handy-man special price for Redmond.

  8. Anna .S says

    this is the first time I have seen someone attempt this idea for a bathroom. Well I may not go for it, but I’m sure someone out there might like this, the blue is overwhelming.

  9. says

    I’m thinking the wife wanted a view when she was taking a bath and the husband thought it made more sense to raise the tub than lower the window?

  10. says

    I’m trying to figure out why! Truly, what could their reason be? I hope it’s not sad, like it was built for a disabled person because it might be easier for one to bath another without bending over. I also wondered if it could be for an animal? Or perhaps to do some kind of craft project like tie dying or something? Whatever reason, it is not attractive, especially mixed with the bright blue counters, the bright red walls and the old beat up wood cabinets!
    .-= Sharon´s last blog ..New Posts over at Rose of Sharon Garden! =-.

  11. says

    Whoa..I just had a visual run through my mind of someone getting in that tub…give me a moment to get over that!
    Looks like they forgot to watch DYI or HGTV, certainly it wouldn’t have turned out that way if they had. LOL!!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..A Flower In Her Hair =-.

  12. says

    Oh what in the world. There are no words. But I would love to meet the person who thought this up, just out of sheer freak show curiosity.
    .-= hip hip gin gin´s last blog ..Posh Wellies =-.

  13. says

    Well this was interesting. :)
    It’s a small tub so I’m guessing it’s to wash kids or small dogs. If you were small enough to fit in it, you would not be able to climb out of it. Would love to know the reason why they did it this way.

  14. Crystal says

    Woah. Tacky. But then again, it would sure make bathing the babies easier!

  15. Spring says

    I actually toured this house back in February! When we saw it (it wasn’t a foreclosure then) I was trying to make sense of the downstairs – a whole ‘nother post -when I heard my realtor cracking up. Believe me the photo does not do the tub justice. Even with the stool you still have to hike yourself up onto the counter to get into the full-sized tub.

    When we saw it the price was lower, BTW.

    The rest of the house was pretty bad. Obviously we decided not to get it.

  16. Melissa says

    It is definitely ugly. But will reserve judgement, as I don’t know what other bathrooms this house has. The elevated tub does serve a very practical purpose if the homeowners have large dogs to bathe. Otherwise, I would certainly not be stepping up 3 feet to take a bath!

  17. Tiffany says

    OMG. What is WRONG with people!

    That would never even occur to me. Why not put the toilet up there too?

  18. says

    Oh, C’on, GUYS!!! Are you kidding me??? How come nobody sees how useful it is?! They built like this to be able to brush your teeth while bathing yourself. It’s all about multi-tasking!!! hahahahaha :-)

    This is a great find, Julia!!!


    Luciane at

  19. Melissa Sloan says

    Wow! That is all I can say! When I scrolled down and saw this photo I actually gasped. That is crazy strange….

  20. Cathy says

    Wow, that’s definitely different. I bet a previous commentor is right, the tub is probably for washing the dog. Yuck!

  21. Susan S says

    What the —-!!! And those colors!! You’ve just planted a nightmare in my head!

  22. Kim says

    Remond is one of my favorite areas in Washington, but this house is so ugly. Just standing in that bathroom would make me go mental, with all of those yucky colors. This definitely needs a new makeover.

  23. says

    haha what WILL they think of next?! Put in a washer, dryer, and mini fridge and I may never leave!

    I will be needing a step stool though.
    .-= Bre´s last blog ..MAC Viva Glam =-.

  24. says

    Instead of the song “rockin around the christmas tree” being stuck in my head I now have “And I’m proud to be an American………….” I wouldn’t want to light a match in that room. The looks of those cabinets makes me think of fire hazard! Super dry!

  25. Diana says

    Wow that’s pretty UGLY! It looks like they were going for a red, white and blue theme. That is weird. Is this actually suposed to be a bathtub. It sure looks like one but it’s a little bathtub. Maybe someone made it for a baby or kids bathtub so they wouldn’t have to bend down and get an aching back while giving their baby a bath. It does actually look like it would be really convenient to give a baby a bath in there.

  26. jan says

    It would be perfect for my handicapped daughter. I could lift her in and out but would not have to bend over to wash her and her hair. I would have to repaint though!

  27. Spring says

    I thought I’d give you an update on this house (I toured the house when it was on the market – yes, it was as bad as it seemed. This bathroom had our realtor laughing ’til she cried).

    Anyway, a while back (we were going to another open house) we passed by this home and I got excited because I hadn’t seen since it had been sold a few years ago. I was looking forward to what the new owners had done – new paint, a porch covering, getting rid of the Sandford and Sons junk pile in the back…? Or maybe it was bought by a developer (I mentioned it’s in a very desirable area and that lot was a steal at its final price – for those that could afford stuff like buying a house just to tear it down). I whipped out my phone to get a picture, told my husband to slow down so I could get a clear shot, and then! big. fat. disappointment.

    They did nothing. Well, the moldy couch was off the (uncovered) porch so there’s that.

    I’m holding out hope that they are like us, concentrating on fixing the inside before they tackle the outside (we finally bought a house after three years of looking! yay!). I’ll be sure to check the next time we drive by which should give them plenty of time to mow.

    I was hoping for something more exciting to tell you. Oh well.