A Bathroom With a View

broken toilet in front of houseDoes that front yard toilet count as an extra half bath? It might come in handy when you have visitors over the holidays…

How would you caption this real estate listing?

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When I first saw this real estate listing for a $1.175-million home in Hermosa Beach, California, I thought the doll was just a quirky addition…
Alaska Work of Art 2
Looks like Grandpa fell asleep next to the jukebox again. "Wake up, Grandpa! We've got people coming to look at the house!" He can snooze…

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  1. says

    How bad is that, eh? LOL

    You know what, I’ve travelled a lot and I saw so many times people putting their OLD TOILETS in front of their house because 1x a year (or so) a garbage truck comes and get all of their old, broken things. So, this is more common than I wish.. but, to take a picture of it, is a little bit too weird… and funny! :-)

    BTW, I am missing you on my blog! 😉 Go take a look at it whenever you can, ok?

    Many hugs,

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  2. T. says

    Is it being used as a planter? I unfortunately have seen toilets used as such…

  3. Lizzy says

    Unfortunately I can’t really say anything because at present I, too, have a toilet in my front yard.

  4. says

    I don’t have a caption, but it sure does remind me of one of my favorite moments in “The Help,” by Kathryn Stockett (be on the lookout for this movie when it comes out, Julia – it’s sure to have some great houses in it!)

    • hookedonhouses says

      I just finished reading that book, so I’m surprised I didn’t think of that scene from “The Help,” too! Such a great book–can’t wait to see the movie. -Julia

  5. Rosa says

    Hi Julia ! Having a better look at the picture, I came to the conclusion that the toilet is for the black dog’s use…

  6. says

    I actually had a neighbor in my old neighborhood who did this! That’s when I found out after living down the street from her for 5 years, that she is mentally unbalanced. Oh, and the toilet was NOT clean!
    .-= Nichole´s last blog ..Less Scary =-.

  7. Cindy says

    Great opportunity for meeting folks out for long drives in the country.

  8. says

    I would have to say that this one is the best out of the bunch… now that’s curb appeal.

  9. KC Chick says

    Two captions come to mind: Holy Crap! and “Nature’s Bounty”

  10. Denise says

    As someone who grew up on a farm, I suspect it may be a drinking trough for the calf! We used a bathtub for our trough and it was far away from the house.

  11. Kim says

    Where’s the toilet paper? I don’t want to wipe with some grass. All they need to do is dig a hole underneath the toilet, and build an outhouse around it. Then they’ve got a nice outdoor bathroom. J/k

    This is too funny! Thanks for sharing it with us Julia!

  12. says

    hahahaha thanks for the fabulous afternoon laugh! What’s scary is that sometimes on a drive through the country in some places you might actually see this! 😉

  13. says


    That is too crazy for words! Have you ever done a post on Barbara Streisand’s house? I just received her new book My Passion for Design as a gift. Who knew she like to design and decorate? Her house is gorgeous. There’s a mill, barn, and her main house all in one. I’m not sure if I like her decor too much but lover her style of house and how she designed it from the outside. Take care. Happy Thanksgiving!
    .-= Claudia Walsh´s last blog ..Zac Brown Band =-.

    • hookedonhouses says

      I saw it on Oprah and I’m going to link to the photos this weekend! -Julia

  14. Dean says

    Your caption is the best.
    The first thing I thought of was “Custom fertilizer for your lawn”.
    I had a landlord who did this front of our property once. After a week, I threw it in the trash can myself, because I couldn’t look at it anymore. It just looks tacky.

  15. Lew says

    I live in Centreville, Virginia.

    In November/December 2009, a nearby family of hillbillies put two toilets and a bathtub out in their front yard for more than five weeks.

    These crazy people thought nothing of it.

    However, the woman of the house complained about a neighbor’s yard, because the three neighbor boys parked their bicycles in their front yard, which this fat hillbilly slob objected to.

    Toilets: OK in her mind.

    Bicycles: forbidden in her mind.

    I’m not making this up!

  16. Donna says

    This reminds me of a story….when my niece just learned how to “go potty” all by herself and wanted to prove it to all of us…

    We were at my mother-in-laws house while she was having her bathroon renovated. Cassidy, my neice, was telling all of us that she can “go potty” all by herself and the next time she goes she will let us know. About 15 minutes later, we all had, by that time, gathered to the adjacent all-glass porch (sunroom) and were able to see the kitchen/dining area. My bro-in-law had replaced the toilet in the bathroom and put the old one in that area, just temporarily, to eventually be put out in the garage. Then someone screeched, excitedly to Cassidy, “GOOD GIRL…WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU” and we all turned to see and there she was, pants around her ankles, very proudly…”GOING POTTY”…RIGHT THERE, ON THE OLD TOILET, IN THE KITCHEN”…..

    We all roared with laughter and she had never been so proud of herself….. and by golly, we weren’t going to ruin her ” moment”! We never said anything to her that the toilet wasn’t hooked up for fear it would scar her forever and never trust a toilet!

    What a story we tell and so does she…and…

    P.S. and the most important question I know you have it was just…….

    my bro-in-law was happy about that!

  17. Donna says

    Here is the “set-up”….You just purchased this…

    “LITTLE CHARMER” in need of “A LITTLE …”TLC”…..is the listing agents original caption for the listing

    and this is the photo, along with a note bringing him/her up to date on the progress and thanking him/her for finding you, your “dream” home…

    “My husband was determine to ‘RESTORE” the bathroom and I wanted to “RENOVATE” the bathroom…..

    so we comprimised…..

    we got…………………..the caption reading: