Tracy Porter’s House in Wisconsin

Tracy Porter catalog

Tracy Porter and her husband John were newlyweds when they started their company out of an unheated chicken coop behind their house in Wisconsin. That was 1991. Now they have four children and a multimillion-dollar business designing and selling everything from furniture to shoes with the Tracy Porter label.

Until recently, they continued to live and work in Wisconsin, taking many of the photos for their catalogs from their home and surrounding property. But, as Tracy explains in a blog post, she and her family recently moved to Santa Barbara: “We are now happily, excitedly …ocean viewing, sun catching, tide-pool wandering, nature-loving Californians!”

As a result, their Wisconsin house is on the market. Let’s take a peek inside:

Tracy Porter-kitchen

I always think it’s interesting to compare real estate photos to ones styled for magazines. Here’s how the kitchen looked when it was featured in Family Circle:

Family Circle-kitchen

The asking price is $699,900, and the house comes with a little over 11 acres (they sold the surrounding 104 acres last year).

Tracy Porter-great room

The Great Room as it looked in the Fall ’09 Family Circle article:

Family Circle Great Room

The Den:

Tracy Porter-den

The big screened porch has great views of the property surrounding it:

Tracy Porter-porch

The house has 4,400 square feet and sits near a pond with sand beach:

Tracy Porter-Wisconsin house

Any takers? For more photos and information, visit the listing. You can see their current catalog and follow Tracy’s blog here.

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  1. says

    Wow … makes me wonder what her house in Santa Barbara will be like? I’m sure you’ll bring us the fab photos if any are available someday, so we’ll look forward to them … you’re our go-to-girl for celebrity homes! xo

  2. says

    What a happy looking space!

    I can’t help but wonder how long those glass doors would last with any child (or adult) sitting at the bar if it were my kitchen??? I love the idea of seeing all the glassware, but I fear the end result.
    .-= Kimberlee J´s last blog ..Tea for Two =-.

  3. says

    What a beautiful awesome home! I have been a fan of Tracy Porter’s for a long time. She is soooo talented.I love it that her house isn’t all white:) I think it’s really cool that they stayed in Wisconsin for so long raising their family. I can’t wait to see her new place. Julia, you always bring us the best posts! Thank you once again.

    .-= LeAnn´s last blog ..Live and learnPart II =-.

  4. says

    I think that price is a steal. I adore Tracy Porter. She is living MY dream!!! I don’t blame her a bit for saying goodbye to the cold brutal winter’s in Wisconsin and heading for the surf and sand. Lucky her!!!
    .-= Becky @ Farmgirl Paints´s last blog ..journey girl =-.

  5. melissa says

    I, also wonder like Kimberlee J about the glass doors. My thoughts were how do you ask a guest to move their legs so you can get a glass? Positive now, even with all the items on the walls, it has such an open feel, even minimal feel. Really love how she is able to marry old with new and make it all seem fresh. It would be fun to have a walk through just to admire…and dream.

    • hookedonhouses says

      Thanks for the link, Lisa! They have a few extra photos on that one. -Julia

  6. says

    OMG! I love that house and the price is right for $699K with 11 acres of land??? You can’t buy anything like that here in SoCal. Amazing, Julia!!!
    .-= Marie´s last blog ..Lets Go Glamping! =-.

  7. says

    Who wouldn’t want to relocate to Santa Barbara? Not loving her home that is for sale but we can’t love everything about every talented designer. Oh wait, that thought does not appy to Kelly Wearstler…

  8. Dean says

    Haven’t a clue who Tracy Porter is, but the house and grounds are beautiful. And $699,000?? That’s a great price.

  9. Kelly says

    I’ve used to follow Tracy’s blog. I didn’t think they’d ever move from that home.

  10. Dawn says

    It’s functional and beautiful. She’s a lovely and lucky woman.

  11. laney says

    ..i knew you would find out the information for us!…thank you julia…i love tracy porter… who definitely marches to her own drum…but my goodness how hard to leave that country setting …some pretty special drum beats must have been coming from santa barbara…

  12. Charlene says

    I love this house but her original house featured in her book “Dreams from Home” was my favorite. I loved how she turned an old farmhouse into something wonderful. I wonder if they sold that one as well. I know their studio was on that property originally.

  13. Dianne says

    I have followed Tracy for years. I think the house is already sold. Her sister Robyn’s house is now for sale. The family must All want to be in Calif…. her brother lives there as well. Her decorating layers are delish!

  14. Nita says

    I wouldn’t leave there for any part of California, especially in our financial mess and our anti-business atmosphere! I think they may be sorry.

  15. Kim says

    Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s fun to see different styles. There’s elements of this house that I do and don’t like.

  16. says

    I get the catalog and thought it was a made up name. Who knew it’s a real person?!
    The house is great, and a great price, but WISCONSIN? Lovely state, but not for me.
    The Winter would be killing.
    Love the way you always dig up things for us!
    xo xo
    .-= Visual Vamp´s last blog ..The Long Of It =-.

  17. says

    Love that is has 11 acres – oh the possibilities! Some of the interior I like, and some of it not so much. But I love the natural stone flooring of the screened porch!

  18. Cindy at Applestone Cottage says

    Hey I live in Wisconsin and I sure would love to live there!

  19. Cindy at Applestone Cottage says

    The cost of housing is a lot less in Wisconsin compared to California. The winters are tough but our summers are amazing!

  20. diana says

    love the houses you scout for us! I agree… it sounds like a lot of bang for your buck.

  21. Dawn says

    I looked at her catalogues and it looks like she does ALL of her own modeling for her jewelry and clothes. Seems a little conceited.

    But then again, Christie Brinkley models her own lines, so why not.

  22. Paula says

    The Real Estate Company that has the house listed states that it is “SOLD” on their website. Robin’s house is listed with the same company and actually is just as adorable. I think I sense a TV show or something in California for Tracy in the future. What do you think??

    • hookedonhouses says

      Yes, it looks like it has sold. If you have the link to Robin’s house, let us know! I’d love to see it, too. -Julia

  23. Billy says

    TeeVee too small. Heating bill too big. Also its in Wisconsin and my Sis and I can’t live in the same state. (She rides western now! &_&)

  24. says

    That is a lovely house and property for only $699,000!! That amount won’t by much on the west coast. Thanks for the tour!

    Susan and Bentley
    .-= Susan´s last blog ..An Interview!! =-.

  25. Dianne says

    Beautiful,,,to DIE for!!! Soooo… who wants to loan me $700,000.00!:)

  26. says

    What an elegant and stunning house is this. I love the luxurious beauty of this property. I love the chandeliers they are all gorgeous and everything was in its proper places. The interior designs was amazing. Thank you for sharing.

    Charles A

  27. Nancy says

    Where is Tracy Porter? No more blog postings and her Sant Barbara store is gone???
    Hope all is OK!

  28. RENEE says

    She and her company have been dishonest. Unknowing the problems the company had, I recently returned about $300 in merchandise and it was stated that these items were returnable in the time period in which I returned them. They issued me an email stating that the refunds would show up on my statement in 2 months. It has been now 3 months and nothing. And now, Paypal says they can no longer take action because it is past the 45 day period. I am not the only one this has happened to. There are many people on the web that are now looking to get their money back from this unethical company. All I have to say is shame on you Tracy Porter!!!!