“Home Is Where We Eat Chocolate…”

Walker Studio-Lafayette Square house

Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for a house portrait drawn by artist Stephen Walker. I really enjoyed reading your comments about the houses you’d choose and why. Here’s one that made me smile (you can see the rest here):

Walker Studio house 3

“After moving 5 times in 4 years, I am so happy to say that we are finally settled. I knew this was our forever home when my 2-year old said to me, ‘This is our house. This is where we growed up. This is where we eat chocolate.'” -Lou Ann

Walker Studio-Compton Heights house

There were so many wonderful comments that I wish I could give every one of you a house portrait by Stephen! He is making it easier for my readers, though, by offering:

  • 10% off your house portrait
  • Free shipping

Just be sure to tell him you came from Hooked on Houses to get the discount. These are all samples of his work, and you can see more–including the portrait he drew of my house, at Walker Studio. Thanks, Stephen!

And the Winner is…Genna! Congratulations! :-)

This red-brick house holds a lot of sentimental value for me. We moved into it 15 years ago as new parents, and our children did…
OBX-bird silk screen red
I have a thing for pillows. Love 'em. I always make a beeline for the pillow aisles when I'm shopping and can rarely resist bringing…

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  1. E. George says

    Goodmorning Julia it’s almost bed time over here had to check your post before I turned in – this guy is wonderful but then he has these beautiful homes to work with must say you guys sure live large it’s GREAT. Love the Lafayette square house fancy living in that…… It’s goodnight from me till next time Regards Esther from Sydney (on a cold night) how do you guys cope with the snow and the cold?

  2. Susan S says

    Chocolate, chocolate, did someone say chocolate?? Yum, I’ve never( nor will I ever) outgrow my love of chocolate!!

    P.S. It’s a good thing your readers can’t get a hold of Lou Ann’s boy because he’d be smooched to smithereens!

  3. Stefanie M says

    Thanks for the discount! We’re building a house and we will be moving out of the first house we lived in together. It’s also the house where we brought our 3 babies home from the hospital. We would love to have a portrait of our old home in the new house!

  4. says

    And home is where we eat pizza and ice cream too!! :-)

    Bummer that I missed your giveaway, but congrats to Genna :-)

    Stephen’s house portraits are beautiful. What a great keepsake of a home that you live (or lived) in and love :-)

  5. Lou Ann says

    Unfortunately, he gets his sweet tooth from me! :-) Thanks so much for the mention and for the opportunity to enter, Julia! But for this contest, I probably never would have written all that down, and now I have something to go back to if I ever do get the itch to move again! We have an anniversary coming up, and it might be a good time to use that discount! Thanks again, and keep up the good work! Lou Ann