Stainless Steel Appliances: Out or In for 2010?


One of the first posts I wrote when I started this blog was about stainless-steel appliances. I asked whether you thought they were a passing fad or here to stay. I started the post by saying, “There was an interesting article this week about the housing trends for 2008 that claims stainless-steel appliances are on their way out.” Two years later, I see no evidence that their prediction came true.

stainless steel kitchen-mls photos

People continue to visit and comment on that post. Some insist it’s “the new standard” and “a classic look that goes with every style of home.” Others say they hate it because it’s “cold and industrial-looking” and wish it would go away already.

A reader named David insisted that it makes your kitchen look like “the back of a McDonald’s–anything but classic.”

birmingham-kitchen-MLS(Photos found in the MLS listings.)

Once again I’m hearing that stainless has had its day and that we’re now going to start seeing more white appliances, colored appliances, or appliances hidden entirely behind custom cabinets.

What do you think? Is it really on its way out? And if so, what do you predict will be the next big thing?

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  1. says

    I think SS is classic – not perfect for all kitchens of course, but it makes no pretense of hiding its function. Having said that, I don’t think a fridge has to be SS unless it is SubZero. :) – again, the honesty of function. There is no particular functionality for SS on a fridge. I’d prefer to have that hidden behind custom cabinetry.
    .-= Kirsten´s last blog ..Bird by Bird =-.

  2. says

    I think it is on its way out. I agree that white or black is the standard classic color for appliances. I am very excited about the smooth finishing that is available. That is what we will be purchasing when we replace our fridge next year.
    .-= Laurie @ Little Blue Chairs´s last blog .. =-.

  3. says

    You know, it takes things FOREVER to really move completely in or out of style. It seems like the fringe period of time where they are either the new hot thing or “on the way out” is longer than the actual “this is the thing to do” time!

    I think stainless is on the way out. I’ve done kitchens with it in the last year that look great, especially with darker woods, but I think the trend will be more toward color. For awhile I think we’re talking lots of color…walls, appliances, even carpet.

    Just my humble opinion of course.
    .-= Remodeling Guy´s last blog ..Bigger Pictures, More IdeaLetters, and Other Changes =-.

  4. says

    I don’t think it is out, especially given that marble is SO in, and stainless looks really beautiful with marble because so much of the veining is gray toned.

    I spent 2.5 hours in the kitchen appliance store with my kitchen designer yesterday. Most of the ranges are stainless, and of course the industrial look is still going full force.

    I have stainless appliances – I had to replace my 22 year old fridge and oven last year, and stainless seemed so neutral. The general home buying public still thinks that stainless and granite are ‘in’ – they don’t seem to be as design and trend obsessed as we blog readers! I am fine with my stainless appliances, I think they look great with my white cabinets, and the fingerprints have not been an issue (but my youngest is now 7 – I am beyond the tiny sticky fingers phase).

    One interesting thing to note – the appliance showroom is brand new, and they had a huge red kitchen installed – red counters, cabinets, appliances. They said that a lot of their customers are looking for color these days. Interesting!
    .-= Things That Inspire´s last blog ..The Kitchen Sink =-.

  5. Heather H says

    I don’t think it is going out, I think it will be the backbone of kitchen appliance choices for the long haul and color will be the trend choice. Stainless can complement most any color and design whereas color cannot, color choices must move and change with the times and trends. I do see white making a comeback simply because it is the least expensive option at the moment.

    Personally I think designers keep saying it is going out so they can have something new to play with but the reality is most homeowners don’t want to spend all their appliance $ on a fad or trend, they want something that will look good for the life of the appliance.

  6. says

    Stainless has been around for a long time. It just didn’t suddenly appear a decade ago, just because it became affordable and builders put it on an options list. Color and “theme” dates a kitchen, remember the “country” kitchen. The granite, dark wood, SS combo and Tuscan look needs to go away. I think SS will stay around because of its “clean” aesthetic. SS looks great with glass tile, white etc., shiny, green, clean. Just my two cents. 😉
    .-= Janet´s last blog ..SPCA and Pets on Furniture =-.

    • mikey says

      I just made the mistake of replacing all my appliances with stainless steal, and I agree. Although they look great, they are so hard to keep clean that it simply is not worth it. Just touch it, and it leaves finger prints. That never happened with my other appliances. Most stainless steall cleaning products I have tried leave streaks. There soooo many different and controdictary suggestions on the internet for cleaning them. I to this day cannot tell you whether windex is recommended or not. (but I can tell you it also leaves noticeable streaks). I think I’ve spent more time searching advice on this over the last couple of weeks than the total of all the time I spent actually cleaning during the first 52 years of my life. Believe me, this is a fad that won’t last. My next appliances DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE SS!!!!!

  7. Emily Miskin says

    As a fellow future designer, I understand that clients would like their entire kitchen to match (hence the full cabinet cover-ups), but stoves are always going to be stoves to me. I do like black, but I think stainless steel is always going to be popular in kitchens. I would rather have that then not be able to look at my cookies while they bake because I spent a lot of money on a beautiful appliance only to cover it up with cabinetry.

  8. says

    I honestly had not even THOUGHT about this I think it has become so standard. But now that I think about it…I do not think white/black appliances will have a comeback, they just don’t age as well and the functionality of stainless steel seems better…I think completely concealed appliances might become the next new thing…
    .-= Bailey´s last blog ..A different kind of Love Story =-.

  9. Ann says

    I think almond and white look outdated and cheap, like my mother’s kitchen (almond) or the retired couple who lived in this house before we bought it (white).

  10. says

    I think it depends on where the kitchen is. On the east coast, things change very slowly. If there is a new trend in California, it will trickle over this way in about 5 years. I also think that it will depend on whether the “great room” will continue as a kitchen trend. Personally, I like the stainless in the kitchen. It is a little modern and edgy and goes well with our black and white.
    .-= black eyed susans kitchen´s last blog ..ONE WORLD ONE HEART …ONE BOX OF ROSES =-.

  11. says

    Personally, I don’t like stainless steel appliances. In fact, the only stainless steel item in our kitchen is the stopper in the sink. Oh, and the trash can!! I prefer warm metals — copper is my favourite, and I really like oil rubbed bronze.

    That being said, I don’t see stainless steel going away any time soon. Everyone seems to want SS, and as long as the demand is there, manufacturers will keep meeting it.


  12. says

    Oh, I think they’ll be here for awhile longer. It will be nice, though, when they are no longer all the rage.

    Trends come and go. Some stick around awhile. But somehow we always get back around to white. My appliances are stainless steel, and they’re great, but if I were building a new house? I’d opt for white cupboards and white appliances.
    .-= Richella at Imparting Grace´s last blog ..Rainy days and Mondays =-.

  13. says

    White seems cheap to me. Black seems massive. Stainless all the way!! Or Cabinetry panels- I really do love the integrated look.

    I would try to talk a client out of colored appliances a few times before finally conceding to their wishes. Color trends just change too quickly.
    .-= Naomi´s last blog ..Time for my Morning Swim! =-.

  14. Jane @ Beach House says

    White kitchens will be passé before stainless steel goes out of style – the appliances age so much better than white plastic that degrades and yellows over time. There is a 1968 ss island hood in my kitchen, the style is (literally) over the top but it wipes down with a soapy cloth and is as good as the day it went in.
    .-= Jane @ Beach House´s last blog ..Elemental, Organic Mosaics =-.

  15. says

    “Once again I’m hearing that stainless has had its day and that we’re now going to start seeing more white appliances, colored appliances, or appliances hidden entirely behind custom cabinets.”

    I can imagine seeing more white and possibly colored appliances but seeing a huge influx of appliances hidden entirely behind custom cabinets? Due to the extra cost involved, I doubt it. And with the way the economy is, that’s probably not too high on the priority list of typical middle class folks especially when you can get such a nice modern look with stainless.
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..More Questions and a Conclusion =-.

  16. says

    Based solely on the opinions voiced in all the real estate porn I’m addicted to on HGTV, I’m guessing stainless is here to stay. All those youngsters looking for homes on House Hunters seem to gag when they see white appliances. Get over yourselves, I say, looking into my kitchen with all the white appliances.
    .-= carson´s last blog ..Do you see what I see? =-.

  17. says

    I actually can’t stand my stainless appliances, which was part of the reason I covered up the dishwasher. The listing bragged about them when we bought the house but it was a negative for me. I would have preferred them all to be white. I want the appliances to blend in, not stand out. Stainless doesn’t do well at disappearing into the crowd.

    I’m ready for it to go away.

  18. says

    while appliance companies maybe hoping to convince people that they need to “re-think” appliances, I’m thinking that most of us will not be willing to replace expensive stainless steel appliances that work perfectly fine just because someone told us that we should. :) Of course I live in the midwest where trends seem to be a couple of years behind most days so maybe that has some influence on my willingness to redo it all… :)
    .-= kelly´s last blog ..3 of 52… =-.

  19. Lili says

    IMHO- I am building a custom home, and we chose black appliances for our kitchen. I think that with children in the house, and with the overly trendy chic of stainless, we just wanted something that would cover fingerprints and scratches and smudges better, as well as not be just going with the flow. My husband and I watch HGTV all day long looking for inspiration- and we giggle at the fact that granite counters and stainless appliances are always such a selling point for people- why? Because everyone else is doing it, why can’t we? Ug! People, get a clue! Choose what works best for YOUR family, not what the style guides are telling you!

  20. says

    Stainless steel appliances – yes! Stainless steel sinks – no! Although I like the look and idea of covering applicances to match existing cabinets, I would much rather put the money into the appliance itself. Besides, after spending so much, why would I want to cover them up.
    .-= Stacy@RedDoorHome´s last blog ..What You Didn’t See =-.

  21. says

    Ooooh thank goodness I stopped by… YOU saved my kitchen from burning down! I left tea kettle going for my French press and walk upstairs to studio to check email, blog messages and decided to look around… saw YOUR kitchen post and ran downstairs to my kitchen WITH stainless steel appliances and saved the tea kettle… MERCI BEAUCOUP!
    P.S. I voted stainless steel can be classic!
    .-= Fifi Flowers´s last blog ..Week-end Shopping… =-.

  22. Jackie W. says

    The STANDARD in my house is it has to match my hair. My hair is silver. So I won’t have copper or gold anything. I am slowly replacing switch plates, light fixtures & lamps to silver color.

    Not sure all new kitchen appliances will be stainless, but they will be that or black or white. Our dishwasher is black.

  23. Ann says

    I don’t care for stainless steel appliances. Love white appliances.

  24. says

    My style is traditional and I move slowly into the new styles that come out. I have noticed in the last two years that I am warming to the cleaner lines that I have seen in some designer’s rooms like the first photo. I do agree that stainless steel is not the only choice, I think it depends on what you are doing in a room and where you want to go with it and the biggest decision – where put the most $ at.

  25. p/f says

    I have loved stainless steel for years, but truthfully, the look just seems so tired to me now. I have no need or reason to get rid of my stainless steel appliances, but I covet a simple white stove and an integrated fridge and dishwasher. The look won’t disappear overnight, but it’s over.

  26. says

    Oh, I was hoping you’d talk about SS! I do love it, and apparently most others do as well. It is hard to imagine something taking its place, but one of these days something new, perhaps something we can’t even imagine of now, will hit the market and become the new standard. If I knew what that was I’d get going on it now!!
    .-= Janell Beals´s last blog ..Living Room Redesign – Finally Done =-.

  27. Liz says

    Stainless steel was popular back in the 1950s, and if you look at some of those old stainless steel appliances, they look rather dated. I think stainless will be a popular choice for quite a while longer… will hardwood floors and granite counter tops. But everything goes in cycles. There will be a point in time…….when it will no longer be the rage.

  28. says

    The only reason I’m not a big fan of the stainless steel, other than the industrial look, is that it really clashes with all my copper pots and pans which I *love*. I personally want vintage appliances with that enamel coating. It’s just so smooth!
    .-= Lauryn´s last blog ..Dress Form Dress-Up =-.

  29. says

    I think stainless will be with us for awhile longer but the next big things coming in appliances… color and concealed appliances. Hopefully, food replicators, to help with the cooking will be added :)
    .-= sue@solsticehome´s last blog ..The Poppies =-.

  30. Sarah says

    I’m really torn about this. I definitely don’t see it going out anytime soon, and in the right environment, (like in the first picture) it can look classic and great. On the other hand, I myself wouldn’t buy it, nor would I recommend it to say, my parents. I really think it all depends on how it is used, you can’t just put it in any old kitchen just because it’s fashionable or what have you.

    And I agree with Carson, I hate it when people (they usually seem to be young couples who want five bedrooms for only two people….) go into a house and HAVE to have stainless steel, nothing else will do. Come on people, be a little more creative!

  31. greenie says

    I think stainless is perfect for some design styles, but this idea that it should be used in every scheme is hopefully on it’s way out. I’ve seen some designs with black or white appliances that were stunning. Stainless has become such a standard now, I wonder if we’re all going to look back on this in 20/30 years and joke about it like the avocado/orange/green/tan Brady Bunch kitchen of the 70s.

  32. says

    Unfortunately, I think stainless is here for awhile. In real estate, everyone wants stainless steel appliances in a kitchen. A kitchen isn’t considered upadated without it.

    Personally, I hate the finger prints marks it gets so easily especially with three kiddies in the house. I’m always wiping them off. I much prefer appliances hidden by custom cabinets. To me, that’s much more classy.

  33. says

    I LOVE my black appliances. I have wood cabinets, wood floors, and the granite that I want to install is absolutely perfect.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog ..A Footstool =-.

  34. says

    I don’t think that the stainless look will ever completely go, but I do think it will leave the more traditional and rustic style homes. I still like the look, especially in a more modern or contemporary space.
    .-= Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog´s last blog ..Boxaholic =-.

  35. says

    As a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Assoc, I can tell you that both granite and stainless are in a declining lifecycle with custom designed kitchens. If you’re selling a house, however, the shows on HGTV have shown that buyers are looking for those features in a home purchase. I think it will become dated eventually, but I think it has a way to go. In the design world, they tell us as soon as the “big box” stores start carrying something it is dead in our world. Personally, I like the look of stainless but I hate the function. In my many moves, I have had every appliance color (even bisque, YUCK!) . Personally, I’m into hiding the appliances. I want my dream kitchen to look like,well… not like a kichen. I like a dressy glam space so that would expain that. Think short sexy Black cocktail dress. That is what I’m channeling in my dream kitchen with the new induction technology. If someone is into to vintage or cottage, I just love those colored vintage appliances. I think they are so fun. To each his own… unless you’re selling.

  36. mary says

    I think stainless is really classic but it’s not for every kitchen. when we did a mini remodel in our kitchen, i had a couple different designers confirm that stainless was not for our kitchen/family room area. Personally, I’m tired of every kitchen on the design shows having stainless steel appliances and brown granite counters; let’s get creative people! :0>

  37. says

    I have white with black trim stove/oven, dishwasher and microwave (came with house) and two years ago had to buy a new refrig and did go with SS. I wanted the refrig I got more because it was counter deep than SS. At first I hated SS because the cleaner that came with the refrig was difficult to apply and showed every cloth wipe. Then I finally found a cleaner easy to apply and didn’t show any marks. It doesn’t matter what is “in” because only ONCE in my life did I ever have an “in” kitchen and that was when we built our 2nd home in 1987. I laugh everytime a young couple goes through the homes on “House Hunters” on HGTV and poo poos any house without granite counters and SS appliances. Although I like granite counter tops, I don’t have granite counter tops and probably never will. I really don’t like the black trim on my appliances as the black shows every mark or wipe. I really prefer either all white or SS.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)
    .-= Sandy´s last blog ..Living Our Magical Dream =-.

  38. says

    I keep my appliance for so long…it really doesn’t matter what the trend is for me! Mine are now getting near their replacement time and I was seriously thinking about stainless steel to replace my white. I’m realy 50-50 though. My ideal would be to have the panels that hide them.
    Maybe I’ll have an appliance of each finish…just to shake things up! Dishwasher white, fridge black., stove stainless…micro…red!
    .-= Pat´s last blog ..Dutch Doors & Dad =-.

  39. Karen says

    I think stainless is so practical and I do think it goes with just about everything – sort of melts in the background. I just don’t want what every other new kitchen has now – the dark cabinets with granite countertops. I liked that look 20 years ago when everybody was doing their kitchen in white. I do like a non-fitted kitchen that uses pieces of furniture instead of row upon row of cabinets . . .

  40. Mustang Sally says

    I agree with Sandy — I prefer all white or SS. And, just like she said, HGTV’s House Hunters seem to only want granite counters and all SS appliances. Each to his own, but personally, I am sooo tired of granite. If I were re=doing my counters (I have Silestone, but look like granite), I would do a solid color, perhaps something that looks like soapstone. All white appliances and SS counters would be awesome too.

  41. says

    I think stainless steel is timeless. Plus with the downturn of the economy, I dont think people will be replacing things as much. Also trendy colors in this economy? Where would you rather spend any money you might have? Certainly not on red that may be outdated quickly. No, I think that because of how things are out there, the trend to update so often is also going to change. People simply dont have that kind of cash anymore.

  42. says

    Stainless as a “trend” seems to be on its way out… thank God. But I do think it’s become a new “standard” for kitchens. ONE of the choices instead of the ONLY choice (for people concerned with keeping up with trends, that is). White, black or stainless? is what homeowners will ask themselves. Until there’s some other “must have” finish we haven’t even heard of yet.
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..A Closer Look: Randy Florke’s Farmhouse Style =-.

  43. JLC says

    I think they’ll stick around, but I’d heard a rumor that stainless steel was going to make its way into bathrooms…. toilets, sinks, etc. Maybe you kiddos are far more ‘up’ on this type of thing, but I just can’t imagine how that would look!

  44. says

    I have a lot of stainless and the only thing wrong is cleaning it . I find that scubbing bubbles is a cheap alternative to the solution. I think covering them up would make my kitchen too woody.
    .-= Suzy´s last blog ..CoCo NaNa Bread…. =-.

  45. says

    I have a feeling they’re here to stay for at least another decade or so. Though I personally would love some colored appliances! With flowers painted on them – like you showed us last year!
    .-= christy´s last blog ..And this and that… =-.

  46. Kim says

    I love the looks of Stainless Steel appliances so I hope they stay for a long time.

  47. says

    Personally, I’m all about black appliances right now – but matte black, like some of the new IKEA pieces.

    But I still think stainless is the go-to choice for most people and I don’t see that going away anytime soon.
    .-= Lesley @ TheDesignFile´s last blog ..Home decor trends for 2010 =-.

  48. says

    Stainless steel appliances are appealing as a clean slate for the preparation and storage of food. There is something neutral about them that I find very appetizing, sort of like clear glass plates. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of those either.

  49. Denise says

    Is it my imagination or is there a lot of extra talk about “what’s trendy” on home blogs these days? Meanwhile, I’m converting a half bath off my kitchen to a pantry and the counter tops will be SS. Yes, gasp, I even have SS counter tops and appliances in my kitchen. We live in a 100 year old farmhouse and this is a working kitchen. Both my husband and I like to cook and our teenage son is showing an interest in cooking. We grow a garden in the summer and SS is an excellent surface for heavy canning equipment and large stock pans. I agree with greenkitch, SS is a neutral element. Antique pine cabinets, open rustic beams, original wood plank walls and a painted wood floor warm up the coolness of our SS. A rustic green door that is original to the house and a chippy Canadian hutch are the focal pieces in the room. Our lighting is modern. My kitchen may not be timeless, but it’s a wonderful place to whip up a delicious meal and enjoy the fruits of our labor. That experience never goes out of style.

  50. says

    There is only “so much” you can do with an applicance. Here are your current choices:
    (1) various colored applicance fronts (remember the 70’s -turquoise, avocado, brown, etc.) ;
    (2) black, biscuit, or white;
    (3) applicances that are made to look like they are cabinets;
    (4) stainless steel.
    Am I missing something?
    .-= Trish @TheOldPostRoad´s last blog ..$967 Kitchen Redo =-.

  51. says

    I voted that they will be around for at lease another decade. I think everything goes out sooner or later. I hate the cleaning, but I still think they are the way to go for now. Another great post. Thanks

  52. says

    Since these are what I have in my kitchen, I can almost guarantee they are on their way out :)
    Seriously, why am I last to pick up on EVERY trend? It was the same with bootleg trousers…
    .-= Struggler´s last blog ..Healthy, Wealthy and Happy =-.

  53. HollyM says

    Our home, purchased last fall, has ‘vintage’ thirty yr old appliances. Almond-colored (remember when it was the stainless of yesteryear?) and unobtrusive in looks. The cooktop and oven work perfectly BTW. What is really quite amusing is that this house was a top-of-the-line custom home, with a gem of a kitchen, when it was built in 1980. My how our standards change. : )

    Stainless will have a 20 year cycle, just like good ol’ beigey almond did. So, no. It won’t disappear just yet.

  54. T. says

    I went from white to stainless 5 years ago because my space is small and lacks natural light, and I thought the stainless would be brighter. I like it. I would NEVER get color appliances because those are so quickly dated, but I think black, white, and stainless are timeless.

  55. says

    Wow Julia ~ you could not have written a better post for my new Timeless Tuesday. I love stainless steel. It so clean a sleek. I think it is here to stay. It may wax and wane but someting folks will always come back too!

    OMG! What a great use of pipes. Now that is repurposing to its a finest!

    What’s Timeless Tuesday?? I wanted to let you know about a new party I am hosting. Its called Timeless Tuesday ~ as if you didn’t already know. It begins February 2nd. The party is about classics in many areas ~ interior design, fashion, cooking and entertaining, architecture, movies, art, music….even trends that folks would like to see beome timeless classics ~ I think your poll on stainless steel is a perfect fit but many of your posts are! I’d love for you to participate. I think it will be a wealth of information in one place plus your blog is one of my classics.

    Here’s the link to the post I wrote telling everyone about it ~

    I hope you and your readers join in the fun!

    Paula Grace ~

  56. says

    Julia… I’m supposed to be on a bloggy break, but you keep tempting me with your posts! LOL I loved that movie and you and I share the same favorite part. In fact I say that all the time in some form or another.. 28 29 whatever it takes LOL

    Anyhoo… I had stainless and hated it (Cleaning it is a PITA), but I think the large viking ranges and the like are a classic. The other appliances, not so much. Honestly, I think the ones that look like the cabinetry will always be in style and also white, but other than that it’s a crap shoot 😉

    .-= rue´s last blog ..Taking a break… =-.

  57. Carol says

    As a “RED ADDICT”, I know my husband’s Viking stove comes in red, but I think that would be a little over the top. The stainless steel just looks classy. I voted that it would be around for another decade.

  58. says

    I think stainless steel should stay! I really don’t like when people say things are “out”…obviously to each their own, but who is to say that next year stainless steel is no longer likeable? It is clearly not inexpensive and I would feel bad if someone told me that if I just re-did my whole kitchen with stainless steel that it is no longer the “design element” used!
    .-= Chic Coles´s last blog ..Black and Gold =-.

  59. says

    I love stainless, but also have used colored appliances and achieved the look I needed. I have never had the luxery (sp?) of wooden cabinet doors to cover but love the look. For a classic, clean look stainless wins hands down. We presently are dealing with stainless but a black top of the oven and I hate it! It’s hard to clean and shows fingerprints, smudges, etc My OCD kicks in big time each time I walk pass it :/
    .-= Nancy Hood´s last blog ..Christmas in January! =-.

  60. says

    To me, in most kitchens, stainless looks clean, not industrial. After all, who can afford a La Cornue range ? I do like when refrigerators are hidden behind cabinetry panels because of their size, but to me, a stainless steel range is to be expected when you view a kitchen space. Although I do like white and black too. I believe stainless is here to stay for quite some time.
    .-= Kate at Centsational Girl´s last blog ..My New Best Friend =-.

  61. says

    Steven Drucker recently said that “Stainless will never go out of style” and I have to agree. As seen in the pictures above it fits into every style beautifully!

  62. says

    When stainless is kept clean and polished it looks amazing, but if you don’t keep on top of it–yuck! It’s a lot of work. My contractor talked me out of a stainless fridge. He said “Are you crazy? You have 4 boys…You’ll be polishing that thing all day long”. So glad I listened!
    .-= desiree´s last blog ..Indie Fixx Galleria: A place for Unique Finds =-.

  63. E. George says

    Hi Julia I must say I’m not sure about SS and keeping it shiny but I do like a kitchen that you are not affraid to use and industrial looks like a great idea. Two books that I must tell you about – Capri Style by Mariella Gardella and At Home With Carolyne Roehm these books are dreamy hope you get the time to go to Amazon. Regards Esther from Sydney…. ps I’d give the SS fridge a miss…..

  64. Naz says

    As is, shiny stainless steel perhaps for another decade tops. In different finishes though, METAL itself will become timeless and go beyond “industrial chic”. For example, brushed aluminium finish, antique brass finish, hammered bronze textures etc.

  65. says

    As with anything, there are pros and cons to stainless. The pros? Clean lines, neutrality and classic style. The cons? Keeping it fingerprint-less and not being able to hang magnets on the fridge. I’ve had to resort to Post-It notes.

    It’ll be here until they figure out how to make them invisible.

    .-= Nouveau Stitch´s last blog ..Guiltless glamour. =-.

  66. Kat in Texas says

    Stainless is here to stay. Cleaning’s not a problem. I don’t use fancy cleaners because they streak. I just good ol’ Windex. And I love the “no magnets” look. Very clean-looking and uncluttered. I have a stainless-topped work table which functions as my “island,” and I like that it looks like a “working” kitchen because it is!

  67. Mr. Manager says

    I’d never put stainless steel appliances in my kitchen, but I expect that lots of other people will keep it up for quite a while.

  68. says

    I think it totally depends on the style of the kitchen. Thanks to HGTV all the young new buyers are hooked on SS. I have kinda cream / off white cabinets so when I got a new fridge I had to go SS or black. I thought black would be too dominate so I got SS. What a b***h to clean. It get so much little hand use. On the other hand, a SS stove and sink makes sense. I need new ovens and I’ll probably get SS (they’re black now) cuz again, not that much hand traffic. If I painted the cabinets I would prefer white…truly timeless.
    .-= Pat’s Addition´s last blog ..Puzzle Quilt =-.

  69. says

    I feel like it’s the best choice we have at the moment, so I vote that it will be around for another decade. If or when those fabulous 1950’s color choices become readily available again (red! turquoise! pink!), maybe stainless will fade away. I’d sooner say goodbye to white though!
    .-= rh´s last blog ..Celebrity Crafty Kitsch Craziness =-.

  70. says

    Well, I think that stainless steel is here to stay for a while. That being said, though, I really dislike it! I would never put stainless steel appliances in my house. We stayed in a house last year that had stainless steel appliances, and I was constantly cleaning the finger prints off of it. Ugh. And I think that the only reason most people want stainless steel so badly is because “everyone has it”. People always want to follow the crowd and do the popular thing. I used to want stainless steel appliances when it started getting to be the cool thing, because “everyone was doing it”. Now, I’m tired of hearing about it, and every time I watch House Hunters and hear people say, “well, this kitchen would look better if it had stainless steel appliances”, it makes me want to cringe. I am so glad that I decided not to follow the crowd, and stuck with white appliances. So much more “classic”, and so much easier to keep clean!
    .-= beth´s last blog ..A frame for Caleb’s poster. And some big plans. =-.

  71. says

    I still like the look of SS. Though there are cheap Stainless Steel appliances, most people, I think, can tell the difference between a cheaply made piece and superior quality SS
    .-= Kim´s last blog ..Simple Baluster Reproduction =-.

  72. devil says

    Stainless steel appliances are out. They are one reminder of the decade that had an unprecedented housing boom and crash. We’re still dealing with that crash and will for a long time to come. A home with stainless steel appliances and/or granite countertops (and other last-decade builder features) would evoke too many negative and creepy memories to feel like home to me.

  73. says

    I believe they’ll be around for awhile, but I don’t care for them in my house. I like all white to go with the white cabinets.
    .-= Jenny´s last blog ..WFMW: Paint Dabbers =-.

  74. says

    Hi Julia,

    I worked on 4 kitchen remodels this past year and three out of the four clients chose stainless steel appliances.
    I believe it will be a standard choice for quite a few years.

    Happy Designing:)
    Kay Ellen
    .-= kayellen´s last blog ..A glimpse of creativity =-.

  75. says

    I sure hope they aren’t on their way out. We just moved to a new state and into a new house with black cabinets. I had to go with stainless for it match. I like black appliance but the stainless look nice in my kitchen.
    .-= Melanie´s last blog ..The Entryway. =-.

  76. says

    I’ve been telling my husband that stainless won’t be the hot thing for much longer. But what do I know? I predict it will be hot only until he finally talks me into replacing our white appliances w/ stainless!
    .-= Debra´s last blog ..A simple pleasure… =-.

  77. says

    Oh how I wish they were going out… because I really would like my old white appliances to be back in style! But I do really like the stainless look. I don’t see it going out anytime soon.
    .-= Amy @ Living Locurto´s last blog ..Cheesy Chicken Muffins =-.

  78. says

    I can say it’s not going out at my house anytime soon, since we moved into brand new stainless appliances thru our kitchen. I do like it actually and parts of it are black, so it really looks great in my white cab. kitchen. So around here, it’s going to be a classic no matter what anyone else says. :) I’m think you can’t go wrong with white, black or stainless.
    .-= Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality´s last blog ..Valentines Day at Open Sky =-.

  79. Nita says

    On the one pic you posted of the old looking kitchen with the corner skirted sink, I think that stainless stove fits right in. I’d like a kitchen that looks just like that one. But, I have is it thermdore plastic coated white cabinets, and not sure those can be painted.

  80. says

    We’re renovating our kitchen right now and have gone back and forth on SS vs. custom cabinetry to cover the frig & dishwasher (stove will be SS). I am pushing for having cabinetry cover the dishwasher & frig, I don’t like the idea of having so much SS exposed. As for lasting trend, it will be around for quite a bit longer as appliances last for many years and can be quite expensive. I just don’t see people tossing them aside.
    .-= Monique´s last blog ..Flower Child =-.

  81. Jodi says

    I love stainless also. It seems peaceful and neutral and goes with any style kitchen.
    I have a mix of black and stainless but it works. Cooktop is black,micro is mostly stainless with some black,black exhaust hood< (would like to change to stainless), black fridge and a stainless dishwasher. I also have a stainless sink and cabinet hardware. My cabinets are a med honey brown but would love some antique white when I can remodel.
    I would really love to have gotten a stainless fridge but I couldnt justify 300 bucks more at the time a few years ago, it was already an expensive fridge!
    I dont see how it could ever really go out of style but then Im sure they said the same about Harvest Gold! LOL!

  82. says

    Great blog! Entertaining! As a designer, I still like stainless steel…esp if doing refrigerators that are counterdepth…if you can afford a built in model that accepts panels, then great but if not, then stay away from dimpled black or worse, white.
    .-= kitchendetailsanddesign´s last blog ..Would you…. use wood? =-.

  83. Khiori says

    I believe stainless has been around for more than 20 years now? But I think white is officially the only timeless appliance (as in from the beginning of time). Black has been around longer but there have always been people who hate it and the talk of fingerprint smudges was BORN with black appliances!

    Stainless appliances only look like a restaurant/deli/McDonalds in the all-too-white kitchen, particularly if it’s modern as opposed to cottage. No warmth. The 2nd and 3rd photos look plenty warm-cozy-homey. Hilariously, many people post their newly reno’d white/stainless kitchens that only make me want to say: I’ll have 2 chicken pannini’s, a turkey wrap and an order of cheese fries!

  84. says

    Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances have saturated today’s kitchens. There will be a new trend to take it’s place. I prefer to stay away from trends.

  85. Janelle says

    I’m just now getting around to coming up with a formulated response to this. I’m not a fan of stainless steel myself. It’s too trendy for my taste. I think that one day our kids will look at stainless steel appliances and see what we see when we look at pictures of our parents’ avocado green appliances, and say “what were they thinking??”

  86. david spooner says

    I am constantly telling appliance dealers “isn’t strange that you can now buy washers and dryers in every color of the rainbow-who ever sees your washer and dryer. Everyone ends up in your kitchen and you can get a stove in white, black, or stainless.” I want a navy blue stove and my only option is a $4500 viking. I am painting my other appliances by hand.

  87. says

    I love stainless steel. I’m one of those who thinks it looks classic and clean. yes..clean. Ugh..I hate white appliances..always seem to have spots on them and can get dirty unless you find it in the house of somebody who cleans constantly and probably doesn’t have young kids with sticky fingers.

    While I only have a microwave that is stainless steel, we are waiting for the current appliances to die before we replace them with stainless steel. It’s possible we’ll get a new fridge this year, but not sure yet.

    I also think that stainless steel probably wouldn’t look good in some kitchens, possibly those with a country look to them. However I think they will look very nice in my kitchen.
    .-= Kris´s last blog ..Monthly Challenge Update – January =-.

  88. Meadowlark says

    Hate hate hate it.

    When we started updating our 1959 ranch, still with the original lino, original formica countertops, avocado backsplash and original bird’s eye maple cabinets, several designers tried to get me to go with all the latest trends: granite, dark cabinets, stainless appliances. YUCK YUCK. YUCK. I own a beautiful grande dame… to try to make her look like a hot 30 year old seems like a travesty. She should be the most beautiful and gracious “she” that she can be. The cabinets are staying, the countertops are changing as is the backsplash an a somewhat updated floor. Trends???? That’s for people who don’t plan to stay for 20 years. Me? Classic white appliances and neutral classics all the way. :)

  89. Bee says

    LOVE the houses in “Wonder Boys”, a brilliant movie from 2000. Tried to find some information on them. All I know is that there are in Pennsylvania. Really beautiful, especially the one with the Grenhouse in the snow.

  90. Bee says

    ALSO…I am an interiors person who specializes in Kitchens…GIVE ME SOAPSTONE any day.

    What’s with the Stainless that Stains? What’s with the heavy-duty stoves? Can’t really cook and haven’t a clue what’s really going on in the kitchen? Only watch the TV Food Shows with the Pro-cooks and try to copy? No kidding! Your first clue when you walk in a house!

  91. MLS says

    SS appliances will fade back out … right now they seem so popular because everyone (and I mean everyone) has them. Once EVERYONE can afford it and has put it in their homes, the trend starts to die. So, since now every middle class American wants or has SS, the trend will begin to die. Just like granite and concrete countertops and the bowl sinks in the bathroom … etc. (all of these houses will look just as dated as the laminite counters and vinyl flooring from the 80s/90s homes do now!). Don’t get me wrong – some people will always love these looks, but the vast majority of people just want whats hot.

  92. says

    SS appliances will fade back out … right now they seem so popular because everyone (and I mean everyone) has them. Once EVERYONE can afford it and has put it in their homes, the trend starts to die. So, since now every middle class American wants or has SS, the trend will begin to die. Just like granite and concrete countertops and the bowl sinks in the bathroom … etc. (all of these houses will look just as dated as the laminite counters and vinyl flooring from the 80s/90s homes do now!). Don’t get me wrong – some people will always love these looks, but the vast majority of people just want whats hot.

  93. Dillinger says

    Stainless Steel has a cold, drab and boring look as if it blew right out of the arctic. Stainless Steel refrigerators remind me of the morgue like you see on TV. I personally cannot stand the color or the look.

    In terms of white appliances, they, too, are clinical looking but at least, white appliances are still classic and will likely remain so. The problem with trends is that they come and go and when they’re gone, they look out of place. Classics are timeless and not subject to the whims of the next designer or money pusher.

  94. Mama Bear says

    I HOPE they are on the way out! I absolutely despise the cold, industrial look they can give even the otherwise warmest, most welcoming kitchen. To me, the kitchen is the “heart” of the house, and I don’t want the “heart” of my home to be cold and clinical feeling. (Besides, who wants to wander out early in the morning, looking for nothing more than a cup of hot coffee, and get hit in the eye with all that glaring metal?)

  95. says

    Stainless Steel has a cold, drab and boring look as if it blew right out of the arctic. Stainless Steel refrigerators remind me of the morgue like you see on TV. I personally cannot stand the color or the look. thanks

  96. INDIVISUAL says

    I am about to purchase a condo in North Miami and the kitchen will need a complete redo. My parents had a beautiful kitchen in the 1980’s with all white appliances, and now their new home has all white appliances. It always looks clean (my Mom is a clean freak) and the appliances are not trendy looking. I think white is classic and will always be fashionable.
    Stainless steel will be another trend that will eventually fizzle. What is the next trend? I decided to do the kitchen in all white with white appliances. It is clean and timeless. To me it’s like a white canvas. I can pop it with various textures and colors that can be changed throughout the years. Thank you mom for inspiring me.

  97. Josh says

    I really like stainless steel and have slowly been replacing my kitchen appliances with stainless steel ones for the last decade. The style cannot fade because my refrigerator has not died yet! In all seriousness though, I think that smaller appliances will stay stainless steel longer than the larger ones, and that stainless steel in any instance will be reserved more for the kitchen (seeing that washers and dryers never really took to the trend). Also in my opinion, mixing stainless and white appliances can look great if done correctly; using lots of white accents in the room and my green walls absorbs my white fridge and dishwasher so they do not clash with my stainless stove and small appliances. I never liked the idea of hiding appliances behind cabinets, especially in larger homes with large kitchens, I think it would be unappealing the walk into a room full of cabinets and have nothing to break all of that up.

  98. says

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this web site!

  99. Chrissy says

    I prefer white appliances myself. I just think black and stainless steel seem to masculine mostly. And the only times I’ve liked stainless steel it has been in a very upscale kitchen I could never afford. I just like the warmth that white offers a kitchen. And it reminds me of growing up. I grew up in the 80s and my grandparents had a gold fridge and oven and my grandma had a green set, my parents had ivory. I just like that older style look much more than stainless. Plus a lot of stainless steel appliances up until now have been a pain to clean and shown fingerprints. But even now that they’re easier to maintain I still have to say white is my preference. Black is classic too but too masculine for my taste and if it’s glossy it shows fingerprints a lot as well. I hope stainless goes out as being so popular. I’m sick of hearing you have to have it or that your taste is bad if you don’t prefer stainless. It costs more and I don’t even like it so I’m getting it for resale value? Lol. I’d rather have my home to my tastes than worry about the next homeowner. If they love stainless they can get it themselves. :) I’m not knocking anyone elses tastes. I see why people like ss in their kitchens, it’s just so not me at all.

  100. Chrissy says

    I meant too masculine sorry. It’s late and I forgot the second “o” in there. My mistake. There’s probably more typos but that jumped out at me.