Are You a Lookiloo?

Are you a lookiloo? Yeah, I think you know I am one, too. Which is why I love visiting Lookiloos, a website for people like us who can’t get enough of house tours. This gorgeous 1872 Italianate Victorian is currently featured on Lookiloos, and I think I’m in love. From the front porch they have a view of the ocean in the distance.

The interior is beautiful, too. Take a look at the dining room:

You can read all about this historic home and take the entire house tour here. Be sure to enter their giveaway while you’re there!

I love the Lookiloos credo:

We believe that every house has a story. We believe that our homes have the power to both reflect and define our identities. Living in a great space, whether big or small, can be not only inspiring, but life-transforming. Envy shouldn’t be considered a deadly sin.

I can certainly agree with that! And I’m very happy to have them sponsoring Hooked on Houses.

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  1. says

    I’m a Lookiloo now. I didn’t even know they existed! And that house? Have you ever seen something that was so beautiful or that you wanted so much, it ached? I want. that. house.

  2. says

    Hi Julia
    Oh My! That house did look like what I’d imagine Manderlay would look like. How very beautiful. I went over to the Lookiloo web site to read about it. I’m so glad it was saved and moved to its current location!
    Thanks so much for sharing it and for the interesting Lookiloo web site.
    I hope your husband is recovering well from his surgery.
    Hugs, Pat

  3. says

    That view of the ocean from the porch…GUWHAH! (that’s a gasp.)

    I love it. I actually recently bought a light fixture that’s kind of, sort of like the ones in the dining room. And this post reminded me I need to get up off my butt and actually hang it. Since I bought it four months ago. Sigh. When are the elves coming to my house to help out?

  4. says

    I am SOOO a lookiloo! :)

    By the way, I am having a giveaway on my blog! I would love for your to stop by and check it out! :)

  5. says

    I could use that table for Thanksgiving! Who isn’t a lookiloo! If they say they are not… I don’t believe it… everyone loves to snoop!
    ENJOY your weekend!

  6. says

    Oh, my. Thank you so much for introducing me to Lookiloo. I had never heard of it, but I am so excited. I must go and take a peak. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m so glad that I “discovered” you.

  7. Norma says

    I am also a lookiloo, now that it’s getting darker earlier, we go for walks, and I’m always looking in the windows, my husbands says he should get those horse blinders for me ha ha ha.

  8. lara jane says

    We are the same way, Norma! :)

    This house is stunning. Everything about it, inside & out. Kitchen, dining room, porch… Did you all see the “gilded” walls & staircase?!

    The view is to die for!

  9. says

    Awww I love Victorian homes-they are my favorites!!! Someday that is my dream to own one of those beauties!Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting-sooo glad you like it! And welcome to my blog! I am relativly new to blogland and am having a great time!!! It is so much fun meeting so many creative people from so many places! I love houses like men love cars- LOL! So I simply adore your site-yes I am a lookiloo I admit it. I can spend a whole day just driving through neighborhoods looking out my window of my car admiring homes and I love old commercial buildings too! It just does something for me can’t quite explain it? It all started where I grew up in L.A. our home we lived in for 22 years was built in 1910-oh how I miss that old place! Anyhow before I write a novel here-just one more thing-I do recommend A New Earth-I think you will enjoy it too.
    ~Tam 😀