A Giant Spider, a Pink Unicorn, & the Blog of the Month

Remember when I told you that my next-door neighbors created their own version of this Halloween scene from Martha Stewart Living, prompting my daughter Lily to complain that we need to be “more creative with our decorating”?

Well, I got a picture of it for you Friday night when Lily and her best-friend Annabelle, whose parents are those wonderfully creative and crafty people who make me look like a Halloween loser, were out trick-or-treating. Here they are, dressed as Little Bo Peep (Annabelle) and a fairy riding a unicorn (Lily):

I have to note that Tony (our neighbor) is so artistic that he drew this freehand instead of using a template. Someday maybe they’ll let me show you the playroom he designed for his three girls. They love it.

(Check out this post to see how sad Lily was when Annabelle was on vacation for one whole week this summer.)

Jake, my 13-year old, declared that he was too old for trick-or-treating, but he came up with a fun costume anyway. He used black electric tape to make a big spider web on a white shirt and then attached this giant furry spider to the back of it. There’s a “fly” trapped in the web on the front.

After Halloween was over that night, Lily sighed and said that trick-or-treating should really go on for more than just one day. She’s thinking five would be good. Yeah, I’ll see what I can do about that.

I told you how Lily decorated our house within an inch of its life for Halloween (see pics of her decorations here). Well, today she started the Thanksgiving Blitz. There are pictures of turkeys everywhere. She has also informed me that we need to put “a big giant turkey on the porch.”

Last, but not least, I want to announce the winner of the Blog of the Month, chosen from all of you who participated in my Hooked on House Tours blog party last week. Drumroll…

I hereby declare that the Blog of the Month Award goes to A Day in the Life of Ramona! A link to her blog will be displayed in my right sidebar throughout November. I hope you’ll visit her site and say hello.

These two photos were featured in her House Tour during the blog party. If you missed her stop, you have to check it out. She’s one of the most creative bloggers around (and one of the nicest, to boot!).

Thanks to everyone who made the Hooked on House Tours blog party such a success. I enjoyed every one of your tours and loved how much variety there was for us to see! Check back later this month for your chance to win Blog of the Month in December!

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  1. says

    I love the spider!! It’s even better that he made it:-) Tell Lily I’m very impressed with her pink unicorn fairy costume… she looks MAGICAL!!!!!! Just adorable kids Julia:-) You’ll laugh, there are 3 giant turkeys already up in my neighborhood. You need to get one!

  2. says

    Julia ~ Those costumes are to die for…love it bunches. And Oh My Good Golly, thank you for the award…I just blog what is in my heart and have such fun doing it and find it such a thrill to share. Thank you so much for the privilege of sitting in your company. Your blog is such great inspiration and brings so many great folks together…super duper fun~ola so I thank you and applaud you!

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  3. says

    Don’t we all have a neighbor like that! Well, maybe not QUITE that talented…but you know what i mean.

    Cutie pattotie kidlets…and already planning the next holiday…LOVE it!

    Congrats to Ramona…Took a spin on her broom (I’m STILL working through that LONG list of open houses). Fun Blog…very deserving of Blog O’ the Month!!

    Start drawing HUGE turkeys for your lawn…ya only have 20 something days!

  4. says

    The Halloween pictures are great! We decided to sit on our front porch to hand out candy this year and we had the best time watching the little ones and visiting with their parents.

  5. says

    Your girls look adorable. Your son had a very great idea. My eldest son who just turned 18 STILL loves to dress up for Halloween. I doubt he’ll ever grow out of it.
    Congrats to Ramona – I will have to check out her blog.

  6. says

    Love it all, especially your adorable kids! Lily looks sweet, and Jake is a good sport to dress up for his mama…

    I didn’t even bother taking a picture of my boys – they went out as hill-billies, which in their minds meant a big plaid shirt, jeans and that’s it. ~Yawn~ I couldn’t even be bothered to take a photo of such obvious disregard for their sentimental mother.

    Thanks heavens for late addition children!!

  7. says

    Jake’s shirt is very creative, we’ll have to “borrow” his idea next year. Lily looks like she is having such fun. My son and his friend enjoy handing out the candy. We have an enclosed porch that they fill with fog from the machine and have bats and skeletons hanging and strobe lights flashing. It’s “spooktacular”. ~ Robyn

  8. says

    Awww – Lily and Anabelle look so cute, and the spider outfit was extremely creative! Congratulations to Ramona – I love her blog. :)

  9. says

    Recently discovered your blog. Love it! Love the spider web costume. You have very cute kids.

  10. Kathy :) says

    Oh your kids look great Julia, way to go Jake very creative !!! And Lily you look soooo cute 1!!

    Oh you have to pressure your neighbor into letting you take some pics of his playroom for your blogger friends :)

    Kathy :)

    ps I just voted for the kitchen (blue) but it in now way indicates my choice for Prez……lol