I Have an Announcement (or Two or Three)

When I started this blog on a whim back in January, it was intended to be my fun little hobby. An escape from all of the professional writing I do in my day job. (This photo was the first one I posted on the blog, from one of my favorite old neighborhoods in St. Louis.)

Fast-forward 9 months and the blog has gotten bigger than I ever imagined. To be honest, it went from an occasional side hobby to a project that is sort of taking over my life and making it difficult to get other things done. It’s gotten harder to juggle my paying gigs with blog upkeep.

My husband and I have been talking about it and came to the conclusion that something had to change. Either I needed to back off on the blogging or start accepting ads for my site so that I could justify all the hours I spend working on it.

If you know me, then you know that I love blogging. Just the thought of giving it up made me too sad to consider it for long. So I decided to go with Plan B: start accepting ads.

I hope you understand that I didn’t make this decision lightly. I held onto my no-ads policy as long as possible, but I’m hoping that this will make it possible for me to spend more time focusing on the blog. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let me know. My relationship with my readers is the most important thing to me!

Have I ever told you the story of how I met my husband? I was a sophomore in college. An English major. And not doing…
Remember when I told you that my next-door neighbors created their own version of this Halloween scene from Martha Stewart Living, prompting my daughter Lily…

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  1. says

    Hi Julia :)

    Am I the first to leave a comment? That’s weird….

    Anyway, ads or no ads, I’m still coming back for more :)

    Thanks for hosting hooked on Fridays. It’s was great fun!


  2. says

    Hey, Julia! You gotta do what you gotta do. Even though I’m new to your blog I’ll still be reading it. That Sharpie makeover is something else. That is one huge room and must have taken forever. I’m afraid I’m not talented enough to do something like that!
    Annabelle :)

  3. says

    Girl, blogging can become an all-consuming time sucker. It’s completely reasonable that you would need to make a little money at it if you were to continue. I’m thrilled for you!

  4. says

    I think it’s great that you’ll receive a little compensation for all your hard work. I heart your blog! (And our new blogging friendship). :-)

  5. says

    Blogging is time consuming – I’ll be there in a minute, Honey, I have to finish this comment and BTW, could you throw the clothes into the dryer for me and the dog wants in…See what I mean. CUL8tr – Robyn

  6. says

    I never did see the Mr. Linky section.

    Didn’t participate this time, but want to next Friday.

    That sharpie re model was cool !

  7. hookedonhouses says

    Hi, Jackie! You mean the Mister Linky didn’t show up for you? Oh, boy. That could be a big problem if not everyone can see it. Hmmm…

    Is there anyone else who couldn’t see the links or Mister Linky in Friday’s post (“Hooked on Fridays”)? Now I’m worried. -Julia

  8. trish says

    I say go for the ads! I’ve only just recently found your blog and I really enjoy it.The Sharpie room is truly amazing!


  9. Starr says

    I agree that the ads trump your not blogging!

    That sharpie room WAS something else. I was thinking though that after a half an hour of breathing in those Sharpie fumes, my drawing wouldn’t look anything like that room!

  10. says

    Ya’ know, I’ve seen on some blogs and forums where readers have had a complete meltdown over the addition of advertisements. That never made sense to me. After all, there are plenty of people who make ALL their income from their blog/website. The revenue has to come from somewhere, right? Needless to say, ads don’t bother me in the least. I’ll still be reading. Because I’m totally HOOKED! 😉

    Now, about that Sharpie thing. Wowzers! THAT was phenomenal!


  11. says

    Hello Julia …. there are ads and then there are ads … I know you have the goodsense to know what works for readers and what does not ….we trust you and we love you blog and I wish you every success at making a financial breakthru so we can keep on reading you here – cheers le

  12. hookedonhouses says

    I appreciate all of your support! And Le, you’re right, I am determined to keep the ads sensible and in their place. I promise they won’t take over. :-)

  13. says

    That’s great, Julia. You are right to value your time. Good luck with your new venture- just don’t stop blogging!!

  14. Kathy :) says

    I am so glad there was a plan B…we’d miss you Julia :)

    We have a family blog that I very much enjoy and I thought for sure. by now that I would have started my own. But I’ve heard more people say how they start to creep more and more into their lives. I know for a fact that would happen to me. So I remain anon lol

    Your blog is one of my faves….ads smads whatever!!!

    Gotta run RED SOX are coming on……..GO SOX

    Kathy :)

  15. says

    I am so proud of you. Good job. This is taking your blogging to a new level, and I know it will turn into a positive step.

  16. says

    My husband loves to say that if Plan B had been any good, it would have been Plan A. But in this case, I think Plan B will work out fine! Looking forward to Friday’s Hooked on Home Tours.

  17. edie says

    Whatever it takes to keep you blogging!! Well, as long as it is okay with your DH!!

  18. Andrea says

    I can’t believe you would stoop – just kidding!! I think it’s awesome that you can get paid doing something you love. All those years of being true to yourself have “paid off.”

  19. says

    Hey girl, you do what you have to do! VERY FEW people don’t monetize their blogs these days and there’s nothing wrong with doing it or not doing it.

    Blogging is a biz. You provide a service. You should be compensated.

    The end. LOL!

  20. says

    Whoa, Julia, I thought you were going to quit on us. I think it is reasonable and EXPECTED to make cash when you are entertaining others. I say GO FOR IT!

    And, thank you for this award…I’m honored, speechless, touched…ha! Everyone loves a couple of minors in brandy glass! What is this nation coming to? :) Thank you! But guess who thinks she deserves 7.50 of the prize? That greedy blonde in the photo: my sister! :)

  21. Kellye says

    Wow, was I upset that you might quit blogging! I’m glad that you decided on plan B. You clearly love to do this blog and I’m glad that you have the option of monetary benefits as another compensation. ::whew::

  22. says

    I think your are doing the right thing. I am actually going to be advertising with Blogher because of the hours it takes… You are spending your time, you might as well get paid to do something you love ! :)

  23. says

    Julia, I thought you were going to say you were stopping your blog. Whew! I think ads are a great way to help you out since you devote so much time and energy to it. :) Congratulations on your sponsor!

  24. says

    why not getting some money for your work. even with a hobby, it’s okay to make something from it as long as your content is still still as savvy.

  25. says

    We should all be so lucky as to have our blogs skyrocket like yours did. It’s a testiment to your good taste, great writing and fab sense of humor. What’s that saying – Do what you love and the money will follow…

  26. says

    I say good for you that you get enough traffic to attract advertisers! As long as they don’t interfere with my enjoyment of a site, I could care less if there are ads.

  27. says

    Hi Julia and all the faithful readers of her great blog. CalFinder is honored to be the first advertiser on Hooked on Houses. As fellow bloggers, we wish to not take-away anything from this blog and only hope to enhance the site as an additional service for homeowners. If you ever have any questions about us please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  28. says

    Congratulations on taking another big step in your love of houses! And, thanks for making my life more beautiful!

  29. says

    I found your website when i was just surfing around and i loved it right away. I love looking at all different sorts of houses as well. I must say that you have a lot more different kinds then we have here in the Netherland.

    I am coming back, with or without the ads!

  30. TraceyB says

    Not only will I keep coming back, but I’ll even read the ads!

  31. says

    I’m actually really happy to hear you’re taking ads. You work so very hard on this blog, the ads won’t bother anyone, and I’d so much rather see you keep up the blog than have to move onto other, paying gigs.

  32. says

    Hi Julia,

    I have been out of my blogging/visiting blog routines lately and I’ve missed you! I am so glad you were up front about the ads, I think making money from your blog is a great idea. It’s something I have always been curious about but haven’t seriously considered since my blog hasn’t been a priority since Chloe was born.

    Hope to be back soon!

    p.s. We went to the Creation museum this summer on our way through Cincinnati and it was worth the stop!

  33. says

    Good for you Julia. I started accepting them too. It just takes up too much time not to make a little money off of it. Honestly, blogging has started to be a little overwhelming of late. Glad I’m not the only one that feels that way.

  34. says

    I for sure have mixed feelings. Good for you for keeping with the blog, because it is just fab.
    but on the flipside, blogs seem to lose “some” charm with all the ads.
    But if i know you, you will continue to keep it looking good:)

  35. says

    I’m so glad you’re not cutting back on blogging – I enjoy your blog so much! I think it’s fantastic that you’ll start to earn a little money for all your hard work – thanks!

  36. says

    Hi Julia

    Your blog is so professional that you really should be advertising on it!

    Blogging does take up so much time, and I have been cutting back a little lately just to get needed things done. Perhaps I’ll try having advertisers soon, too, so it can generate something tangible — not that any have approached me –lol!

    I’ll be away for the house tour –dang it! Going to Denver for my D-I-L’s baby shower. Hope to catch the next open house.

    Good luck! hugs, Pat

  37. says

    Look. Capitalism is good. It’s all about exchanging value for value. That means we’re all better off.

    Now, there’s a coterie of folks who think that the internet ought to be “commercial free” and that any commerce on the net is evil, but they’re just plain wrong.

    You create value that warrants our attention. You give us pleasure and information that improves our lives or helps us accomplish something that’s important to us. Coincidentally, we may want or need to buy some stuff related to the things we’re reading about. Why shouldn’t we be directed to those products that we might need or want. It’s a service to us and to the advertisers. You should be paid for providing that service.

    You should be paid for your work. Personally, I’d rather give my attention to your advertisers than cut you a check each month (which otherwise would be the right thing to do).

    So there. :)