Design Star Episode 7: And Then There Were Three

Well, guys, here I am, broadcasting from my vacation because I just couldn’t stand to miss the second-to-last recap of the Design Star season. I’m not sure how well I can pull this off with “live TV” (I usually use my DVR to pause the show and take photos and write notes). But for you rabid Design Star fans out there, I’m gonna fly by the seat of my pants tonight and just do the best I can.

Unfortunately, the photo quality is worse than usual since the TV in our hotel room isn’t hi-def, and a lot of them didn’t turn out at all (lots of lines through them), but I figure they’re better than nothing.

Episode #7 starts with Clive giving our final three Designtestants their challenge for the week. We’re down to Matt, Trish, and Jen now, folks. They make one last trip to the so-called work room (where they have never done any actual work, have they?) and take their places behind the paint cans. Clive explains that they will each redesign a room for a family. They will have 26 hours and $10,000.

Who will Jen’s family be? Surprise! It’s her sister Lee in Sioux City, Iowa. Jen tells us how her sister works two jobs and has two kids, so she really, really deserves this makeover.

Trish will be working with her Mom and Dad in Michigan. Trish tells us her mom is an amazing person. Her dad is disabled and her mom took on the role of taking care of the family.

As for Matt, he’ll be redecorating a room in his parents’ house. He tells us, “I’m emotional because we had a family breakup and everyone stopped speaking.”

What? What’s this about? A family breakup?

Well, don’t bother asking for more details because the issue is never brought up again. It’s totally glossed over. He says his mom is a big fan of DS and encouraged him to apply for the show, as if that solved all the problems between them. Not clear whether they’ve been together since the “breakup” or not, so this could be interesting.

Fingers crossed that there might be even a smidge of drama in this episode! (Note: hopes soon to be dashed.)

Matt arrives in Colorado Springs and says, “It really feels like a healing.” He can’t imagine more emotion involved in the challenge for anybody. His design challenge is his mom’s craft room, which she wants to make into a combination game room/craft room. The room is huge. I mean, like, they could play basketball in there.

Jen is doing her sister’s living room. And Trish is going to work magic in her parents’ great room. Her dad requests a recliner because…he’ll sleep in it? It has something to do with his oft-mentioned “condition.” Why wouldn’t he have the recliner in his bedroom in that case? He also wants a Jacuzzi in the room, but I’m pretty sure he’s joking.

Commercial for “Summer Showdown” with HGTV’s top designers and carpenters competing. Ooh! How fun! I’m marking my calendar right now. It’s coming two weeks from tonight. We won’t want to miss that.

Back to DS. Clive lands his helicopter in Michigan to see Trish and tell her “Your time starts now.”

The carpenters show up. Trish asks hers if he’s up for the challenge and he says he “brought a screwdriver.” Um, great. Good to know he came prepared.

She tells him she needs him to lay Pergo laminate flooring and asks if he knows how to do that. He says he has a buddy who does flooring, so he can figure it out. Yeah, that really instills confidence.

They all go shopping. Trish cringes while shopping for a recliner for Dad to sleep on, but Dad needs it since Mom apparently has banned him from the bedroom.

Jen deems her sister’s hardwood floors not worth saving. She talks about finding a carpet store. Carpet?? Please, Jen. No!

Meanwhile, Trish’s carpenter can’t seem to figure out the Pergo, even though he has that buddy who’s good at doing it. Things aren’t looking good for Trish.

Day #2.

Trish goes shopping, leaving her carpenter to figure out the flooring. Trish chooses a “gold-y” color for her parents’ living room that my husband Dave says reminds him of his grandmother’s kitchen (and not in a good way).

Carpet people show up at Jen’s house and report that they don’t have enough carpet to cover the room. Bill the carpenter explains this is how things go in construction sometimes when you “can’t see the trees for the forest.” Which makes no sense at all to me, but maybe that’s because I’m blind to the trees in the forest myself!

Trish gets back and is surprised to find her carpenter has figured out the Pergo!

No. Way.

I don’t believe for a minute that that guy got the entire floor installed while she was gone for an hour to pick up paint, do you? Something’s fishy here. How many real carpenters jumped out of hiding the minute the cameras were off and went to work on that room?

Also smelling like day-old trout: Trish is laying the dark faux-wood laminate floors up to the entry’s light real-wood floor. She appears to have no plan to replace the real-wood floor with the laminate to make it all match.

Yikes. This looks as bad as when she attaches the fake hair on the back of her real hair and calls it a ponytail. This is not classy, Trish. It’s trashy!

Meanwhile, Matt’s stomach hurts because he isn’t finding the furniture he needs and has to go shopping again for chairs tomorrow. Don’t fall apart, Matt. Pop a Pepcid and get your act together. It looks like he’s starting to freeze up like he did when he tried to create a “temple” out of sofa cushions.

It’s Day #3. Carpet guys show up for Jen and she’s psyched that they have enough this time. However, they tell her that it’ll take half the day to get it in and she can’t get in the room to start working on it until they’re done. Not good. Maybe this is a sign that she should LEAVE THE HARDWOOD FLOORS BE. They say the floors are a mess, but they look good enough on TV. You’d think they could do something with them.

Or buy new hardwoods for the room. You have $10,000, Jen! You can’t tell me that cheap microsuede furniture and some paint took all your money already. (Note: I saw the exact furniture at the store I took those photos of the “Fugly Furniture” in a couple months back, so I know it didn’t cost much.)

The designtestants race to the finish as Clive approaches with the dreaded air horn. Their time is up.

They all fly back to DS headquarters. Jen says she wants her own show bad, it hurts. It’s like being able to see her dream right there in front of her but not being able to give it a big hug.

This is the final time they’ll be judged by the esteemed panel: Martha, Cynthia, and Vern. Which two will move on to the final challenge when America will vote for HGTV’s next Design Star?

Jen is up first. She gave her sister’s living room green walls and extra seating—including ones tucked under the coffee table. She handpainted walls in a vine-y pattern that’s pretty cool and may be the only really unique or interesting element in the room.

Martha thinks it looks warmer than before. Vern doesn’t understand why she covered the floors. He’s as perplexed as I am by this decision. The graphic element is one of her signatures, but Vern tells her she doesn’t want to become a one-trick pony. Cynthia loves the walls, though, even if she has hand-painted patterns on walls before.

Matt’s Reveal: His parents love it. They’re crazy about the game table. And his mom never ever would’ve guessed the kiln was behind that wall he put on casters, but it is! It’s right there!

It’s all in earth tones. Very…blah. On the minimal side, as Vern puts it.

I’m disappointed because a game-slash-craft room should really be more fun or something, shouldn’t it? It looks like some sort of executive lounge area to me. Very impersonal and slick.

Oh, Matt, why must you always disappoint me? I had such high hopes for you. I’m starting to think this may be why your family stopped speaking to you.

(I’m kidding. Really. I’m sure this was only part of the reason.)

Vern likes Matt’s solution to hide the kiln. He finds it pretty clever. Martha questions why there are four black leather chairs, which are heavy and dark. He responds that he wanted something…washable? Are you kidding me? This is the best answer you can come up with?

Cynthia isn’t disappointed like Martha and I am, though. Cynthia thinks he did a great job. She thinks it looks effortless. Yeah, like there was definitely less effort involved. I can agree with that.

Vern thinks he did a good job hosting with enthusiasm, though. I’m glad he’s finally getting some kudos for his hosting. I never thought he was as bad at it as they did.

Trish’s Reveal:

Her mom gets weepy. Maybe because Trish put a dark laminate floor that butts up against a regular wood floor that’s in an entirely different tone and color? I know it would make ME weepy if my daughter didn’t have any more sense than that.

Her dad loves his leather recliner since this is where he’ll be spending his days and nights. Group hug.

Sorry, but the “before” picture didn’t turn out. I only have two “afters”:

I wish I had a shot of how bad this new floor looks up against the old in the entry.

Vern thinks she definitely showed she’s a true designer by extending the fireplace to the ceiling and creating vertical space. I wait for him to say BUT–you screwed up by putting two types of flooring in the same room.

I’m still waiting.

Cynthia thinks it’s too “by the textbook.” This is the worst criticism they can come up with? Apparently. Martha loves it. She thinks the name of the room is “new and improved” because some things are new, and some things are–you guessed it!–improved.

I think these three judges should have THEIR show canceled, frankly. Oh, don’t get me started. I always feel like I’m watching a different show than they are.

Vern raves some more about Trish’s hosting abilities. She can do no wrong. She is very polished, but also approachable. The camera just love-love-LOVES her.

They file back to the green room while the judges deliberate. No tears today–they’re all feeling pretty confident in the jobs they did.

Vern, Martha, and Cynthia deem these 3 the best contestants in DS history.


You have got to be kidding me. I wasn’t thrilled with any of their rooms. They’re so boring. There was nothing inspirational or exciting about any of them, except maybe the hand-painted vine pattern Jen did. Even though they were doing rooms for family members, they managed to suck the personality right out of them (out of the rooms, not the family members, just to be clear). The hotel room I’m staying in right now has more personality than the rooms they did.

I’m annoyed. I can’t help but think, “I took time out of my vacation for THIS?”

The judges are pretending to deliberate. Martha is stuck on the fact that Matt put those four black chairs in the room. She’s rooting for Jen, who is warm. Vern is smitten with Trish. Cynthia thinks Matt is the best. It appears to be a 3-way tie. The judges congratulate themselves once again on having chosen the best 3 contestants possible.

Which 2 will move forward into the final challenge?

Drumroll….and….whoa! It’s a shocker!

Trish’s show has been canceled.

I thought for sure they had already decided she and her fake hair were going to be crowned this year’s Design Star. I’m stunned by this turn of events.

She says she’s disappointed but if she has to go out on a challenge, this was a good one to go out on. They don’t even give her the dignity of an exit interview in the Service Elevator of Doom. It’s like Trish is already forgotten by the time the elevator door clangs shut.

Matt and Jen have made it to the final challenge. Matt feels like a million bucks. Jen knows her husband would be very proud. He’s been carrying their design firm for her while she’s been here. Clive wishes them luck. I wish them some fresh and new ideas so I don’t yawn through the finale like I did through this snooze-fest.

Are any of YOU still awake? Why do I have the feeling no one even bothered to read this all the way through? I’m tempted to make up a few things just to make the recap more exciting. Like, I should say that Trish’s fake ponytail got caught in the door of the Design Star van when she was out shopping. Or maybe the ghost made a reappearance and threw some of the boring accessories out of their rooms. Because, let’s face it, the lack of creativity in this season of Design Star is (in the words of Awesome Michael) Tragic. Capital T-ragic.

Next week: In their biggest challenge yet, they send the designers to help out two deserving families in New Orleans. It’s an emotional challenge in an amazing city, and we’ll choose who will be The Next. HGTV. Design Star.

Yeah, whatever. Wake me when it’s over.

P.S. Did anyone stick around afterwards to watch the premiere of the much-hyped show “The Stagers”? What did you think?

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  1. says

    LOve your recap! Thanks for putting it up form Vaca, you’re a super star. I liked Jen’s room even thought the carpet was so 1980’s… It’s a wood floor, its trashed???You’re an artist!! Paint it! Black would’ve been cool or dark brown almost mahogany….Wait till those kids spill grape juice on the carpet for the first time, she won’t be thanking her sister then… As for Trish and her pet hair, I was APPALLED at the mis-match flooring.. and she was worried about the recliner.. ack!…and Matt’s room.. zzzzzzzzz…. I was hoping that kiln would fire up and burn the place down!!! I thought that was very one trick pony…I have to be honest I watched 6 minutes of the show afterwards and… “click”. Thanks for the great recap. Next week should be interesting…. Jen R

  2. Yeesh says

    Three Strongest Candidates Ever?… for what, Next Awful HGTV show no one will watch?

    All three of these rooms were kinda boring. I liked Jen’s graphic, but the room seems a bit empty. Trish and Matt’s room looked nice, but nothing really special. So I’m judging mostly by hosting skills at this point. Trish is fake; unfortunately, though I luv Matt, he comes across kinda creepy and geeky on camer; Jen came across the best every this week. She seems real housewive, middle-America friendly even though she is kind of awkward, its cute.

    So although I think Kim Myles and David B are much more of a Design Star, I really like Jen the most at this point and cast my vote for Jen. Go Jen!…and she wears GREAT shoes.

  3. Kellye says

    Woo–thanks for posting from vacay! Hope the rest of it is more exciting than the show.

    I must admit that at the end I was chanting, “PLEASE cancel Trish’s show!” The greenness of her carpenter convinced me that HGTV tried to stack the deck against her. Matt & Jen both seem like down-to-earth, nice people. Not so much Trish.

    I’m trying to think of what in the schedule HGTV has missing. Matt would be great for a carpentry show, but they already have one of those. I’m thinking that they are missing a decorative painting show, so Jen might win just based on that. Does anyone really think that we are the only ones voting and that the HGTV brass are above stuffing the ballot?

    As for Trish’s father, my father also sleeps in a recliner in his den. He has MS & stenosis of the spine, which makes him unable to lay flat and he gets muscle spasms every few hours that wake him up. He sleeps in the den so he doesn’t disturb my mother all the time. As much as I disliked Trish, I could certainly understand that part of the story.

  4. Kellye says

    Oops…I forgot to add that I think the judges said that the candidates had the best “HOSTING” skills than in previous years. Nothing was mentioned about actual design!

  5. says

    Thanks for the recap from your vacation; looks like I’ll be late for work again ! I agree with Kellye: it’s their hosting skills that have the judges enthralled this season, not their design skills. The hands down best elements from this weeks designs were those vine walls Jen did and the elegant kiln-hiding wall that Matt did. I was appalled at the way HGTV let Trish’s carpenter appear on TV — they picked him and they used him. Only Matt’s carpenter was up to snuff and Matt has carpenter skills himself, so presumably needed expertise less than the other two contestants. Jen’s carpenter was really only a glorified handyman, in my estimation. If he was worth his salt, he would have said, “Hell, yes. Let’s refinish the floors.” Did anyone else wonder why Matt left that gametable in the middle of the four chairs? If you want to use the table, you have to scare up some pub-height chairs. Also, he kept saying his Dad would be so proud of his removable wall. In fact, I think those dark club chairs were to prove to his Dad that he could design “masculine” even if he goes to a different church that dear old dad.

  6. says

    Kellye–thanks for explaining about the recliner. I couldn’t figure out why he couldn’t sleep in one in a bedroom, at least, but maybe they have the same situation as your dad. And good point, everybody, that the judges were praising their hosting skills, not their design skills.

    Bonnie–I wondered about the game table, too. It was in the oddest place and there were no chairs to go with it! Matt’s entire room was just…off. I wasn’t feelin’ it.

    We’re off to do some sightseeing. Can’t wait to come back tonight and see what everybody else thought! -Julia

  7. Melinda says

    Aw Julia,
    Thanks for the review but I’m so sorry you spent your part of your vacation on this travisty!

    I wish you beautiful weather, a massage and a drink by the pool for the rest of the week! Now get away from your laptop and have fun, darn it!

  8. says

    Forgot to say what I thought about Vern’s comment that Jen’s wall painting was a “one trick pony.” Hello! That from a man who has to put a ton of candles in every room he designs on “Deserving Design?” That from a man who thought David Bromstad was the best thing since sliced bread? Every episode of “Colorsplash” has the nondescript original “artwork” from David. I think David is a talented designer, but his “artwork” reminds me of the results from all those “learn to paint” courses. The man can mix paint, but an artist he is not.

  9. says

    Oh, I missed you. :o)

    a) the floor Trish put down? Hated the color. NO way that guy got it all laid by himself…I mean he smacked himself in the face trying to get it apart!! WHY didn’t she redo the door way? I was hoping someone would mention that. That makes no sense.

    b) that recliner HAD to be in the living room? I agree! If you have to sleep in a recliner, put it in the bedroom? Weird.

    c) why didn’t Jen lay a laminate floor over the messed up hardwood? I didn’t understand the carpet either. NO WAY she spent $10,000 in there. Do they get to keep the leftover?

    d) i was very VERY curious about the conflict in Matt’s family. Dh guessed he ‘came out’ and caused some friction. My “gaydar” hadn’t gone off with him until last night. Not that I care. I’m just sayin’. lol

    Oh! I thought the painting on the wall in Jen’s room was nice. However, for the most part they are all boooooring and I WAS bummed the show is almost over. Then I realized the show isn’t that interesting. lol

  10. JLB says

    I was so disapponited in all of the rooms. The only great thing was the wall thingy that Matt made. I did really admire Jen’s room beacuse it looked like it would be very comfortable for a family. I would like to defend her carpet choise though. If this is the primary famliy area(and it looked like it firm the size of the house) then the kids are going to lay all over the floor while they watch T.V. So I think the carpet wasn’t a bad idea. I think the judges are all a little drunk when they watch the show. I am never on the same page as they are.

  11. Randee says

    your recap & comments are so much better than watching the show. i missed one week of watching (2 episodes ago, i think) & felt like i hadn’t after reading your recap. so, thanks! you are doing a great job!

    were there any accessories or was there artwork in any of these rooms last night? i can’t remember seeing any. matt’s room would have been so much better if he’d added “fun art” to the walls. there had to be a whole lot more to the “gotta have 4 black chairs” thing!

    trish’s parents didn’t seem that happy to me at first.
    and when i saw trish picking out that recliner i immediately thought”her poor dad, that headrest is going to send him into orbit”. and sure enough, when he sat down in it, he looked soooo uncomfortable. i totally agree about the flooring & the dippy carpenter. when i noticed the contrast between the 2 woods, i assumed they would cover the hall, also.

    jen, jen, jen – she made her sister so happy. loved the table/ottoman/seating. i think she was listening to grandpa carpenter & he must have convinced her to do the carpet.

    this has definitely been a different design star series from all the rest. at least we have you to spice it up for us.

    …………..and i am so tired of vern……….

  12. says

    Who needs tV whaen you have “hooked”! Your commentary is hillarious! The finished rooms do look pretty darn blah for 10K!

  13. Tori says

    I liked Jen’s ‘before’ room better. I don’t get the carpet thing either.
    I like the room that Matt designed, but it isn’t really a craft/game room. I think a craft/game room should give you lots of things to be inspired by (sorry if that doesn’t make sense). Trish’s room did seem very by the book. It’s kind of sad, none of the rooms this season seemed really creative. They just seemed normal.

  14. Jen says

    I completely agree with your recap. They are the three weakest designers and the judges seem clueless!

  15. Donna says

    BIG Snooze! I am extremely disappointed in tis years show. Enough said. I tried to watch the new show “The Stagers”, but I couldn’t take Matthew Finlason’s whining about how he had to pick up 40% of where the other designer Jay had already started. He should be glad, as I saw it, Matt doesn’t seem to be able to make a decision except to whine, whine, whine! I won’t watch it again. It looks like HGTV needs to sit down and discuss who is in charge of programming!

  16. jordy says

    i’ve missed the show the past couple weeks, but am so glad i have your recap – it’s hilarious! i think it’s acutally more entertaining than the show itself. and did they really say these were the best contestants ever? sad. i’m ready for a fresh start and the next season.

  17. says

    Enjoyed your recap Julia.

    I wish those hardwood floors had stayed. They looked great to me. I truly believe they could have been salvaged.

    My huh? moment came when Jen said something about hardwood laminate. I thought it was either one or the other. I didn’t care for the fireplace “surround”. I like the idea of a surround. Just didn’t like that one.

    All in all, I wasn’t impressed with any of the rooms.

    I also wondered why Jen didn’t get that last little camera time in the elevator or whatever it is.

    I’d like a shot at redoing a room, with $10,000 of someone else’s money. OOPS! Better be careful what I wish for!

    Enjoy your vacation. Thanks so much for taking time to see the show and giving us your thoughts.

  18. says

    Sorry, I think that was Trish who mixed the laminate and hardwood! Another oopsy from Pat.

  19. Quincy says

    I’ve had zero interest in Design Star until I discovered your recaps. I effing love them! Deeeelightful! That’s some good sarcastic commentary there.

  20. says

    Julia – I was cringing and talking to the TV, outraged when she put in carpet over the hardwoods. Even my hubby said “Ooh – that one’s gonna come back to bite her”…her sister’s reaction was as good as could have been expected, but still…it was so disappointing…I thought she would have painted an awesome design on the floor instead! That being said, her walls looked great. Matt’s leather chairs made no sense, and Trish…well, I can’t add anything to what’s been said already about her design choices. All in all, THANK YOU for coming back for the recap, but at the same time, I”M SORRY you had to come back to recap THIS. :-) xoxo

  21. says

    OMG…I forgot to DVR on Sunday and I had a feeling you would post from your vacation (such dedication!)…so I didn’t go to your blog today. Knowing your recap was likely a couple of keyboard strokes away was like having a cupcake on my desk all day and not eating it. (Except that would likely never happen.) It was an amazing show of self control on my part. Hooray, me!

    OK – So I caught the rebroadcast tonight. Julia, there are so many gems sprinkled throughout your recap…more than fake hair strands sprinkled throughout Trish’s scalp. Hard to pick a fave…I’m torn between:

    “I’m starting to think this may be why your family stopped speaking to you.”

    – or –

    “I know it would make ME weepy if my daughter didn’t have any more sense than that.”

    I think the Matt family drama involved a big ol’ suburban Design Star walk-in-closet that Matt decided to come out of. If so, I think it’s drag that DS and/or Matt wouldn’t go there.

    And I’m no potter, but kiln + wood cage cover = potential explosion? Or fire hazard at the very least?

    That carpet. Sucked.

    And…this is the most talented group the judges have seen?!? They need to stop smoking from the pipes hanging from Cynthia’s neck (seriously, Cynthia — what with the neck gear this season?). The two remaining “designers” work well together and have similar on-air styles…I think they should get a buddy show. “Matt & Jen’s Excellent Adventures”? “Design Galaxy” (sub title: “When 2 Stars Come Together”)? Those crafty folks at HGTV will think of something.

    Thank the design gods for Project Runway.

    And thank you, Julia. Our true Design Star. 😉

  22. V says

    thanks for the recap! You are so right. I have been watching this season and do not even think the talent compares to last season. Everything this season looks so half assed and amateur. Last season had way more talent.

  23. says

    I’m lovin’ all your comments on this episode. You’ve been way more entertaining than the show itself. Here I thought none of you would even read it–especially since I’d said I’d be out of town and not recapping this week.

    So imagine my shock when I came home from a long day of sightseeing to discover that the ol’ blog had gotten more visitors than ever before. Way more. It broke all kinds of records. Wow. Thanks, guys! Could I ask for more loyal readers? No. No, I could not. -J :-)

  24. says

    I think the rooms are good, but just like so many designers tend to do, they seem just alittle too much for ‘real’ life. Sure, they look good on TV, but who’s really going to keep up some of these styles? Thanks so much for your commentary – always enjoyable.

  25. merleen cook says

    I have tried to watch each episode, expecting that one of these would really blow my socks off. But I have been disappointed with the lack of imagination that these designers have showed.
    HGTV is one of my favorite channels and I see the amazing results that some of the designers show, doing their makeovers and I don’t see that quality in these 3 people. I look forward to the final show to see who has what it takes to be the next Design Star, I also hope that next year will bring new and inventive ideas.

  26. Libby says

    Thanks for the recap, because truthfully, I fell asleep. Here I had been looking SO forward to the show. I put up with the boring rooms etc…only to fall asleep in the last 10 minutes. I guess that ties right in to your review.

  27. mom in high heels says

    Oooooh, you’re so dedicated!
    What is wrong with the judges? The best, most talented contestants they’ve ever had? Well, that’s kind of a slap to David and Kim, isn’t it? It seems every show says that, every, freaking season. DS, PR, HK, TC, blah, blah, blah. It makes me mad. Angry. Even at my beloved Tim Gunn when he says it. Back to this show though. Bor-ing. I liked the doohickies (technical design term) Jen painted on the walls and the solution for the kiln that Matt did (note to a pp, the kiln was there only for storage. It was rolled out when it was in use) and………huh, that’s it. Trish’s ‘after’ looked more like a ‘before’ that needed to be dealt with. I’m so glad they canceled her. I wanted to reach through the TV and smack Vern. I lurve him, but the Trish devotion was too much. Also, his show, Deserving Design is the most boring design show ever. Where is the drama???? I likes a bit o’ drama with my design.
    I can’t believe I’m actually ready for this travesty to be over. Thank the design gods PR is back on. Tim needs to come on DS and tell them to make it work!

  28. Jane says

    The one thing I thought that was kind of odd was the choice of rooms. Matts room was not like the other two room and knowing that it is harder to compare to the other two. His room was a craft room/quilt room for is mother and to become a game room/sitting room
    for his nieces/nephews. Now being a quilter/crafter
    I did not have a major problem with the design. It just
    was not one to compare to the other two because of type of room. It would make more sense to have all living/familyrooms in order to compare apples and oranges.

    The other factor that makes this challenge hard to judge is we usually know our family’s fairly well and that being said the designs are not what would have been done in just anyone’s house — because we know for example that Mom wants that type of gaming table not a foosball type table or we know that Dad wanted that type of color on the wall as in Trishs room, or that Sis probably has said gee I wish
    I had carpet in this room several times before. There is way to much knowledge when it comes to family decorating so that the actual designers are handicapped by knowing what their family’s like and thus will not try to stretch the imagination.

    Just my two cents worth

  29. Jane says

    Oh as far as the judging is concerned I really think that the editing that is done gives us a big disadvantage and the judges hopefully see more than the two secs or so they show on the show — because if they are deciding this all on about 30 secs of film they are not really looking at the room and have preconceived views.

    This leads back to my last comment how do you
    judge a craft room against two living room. That is
    weird in my mind

  30. says

    I can. Not. believe Jen covered hardwood with carpet. I’m dying. Those rooms were so blah, I could have designed them. The Nester needs to get on that show. Then it would be interesting. And the judges would be so amazed at her ability to stay way under budget.

  31. Rachel says

    I’m so glad I found your site! I’m so obsessed with HGTV and I’m happy to find that others are also.

    And yay! Matt and Jenn are the final two. I chose them as my favorites from the very beginning. I really want a bit more backstory though. I want to know the details of their families.

  32. says

    Hi Julia :)

    I see you are back, but I’m reading from where I left off.

    All the rooms were boring, not bad, but very boring. I’m not trained and I could do better. Too bad I have a fear of being on TV 😉


  33. Tammy says

    While I had liked Jen… she should be immediately disqualified for putting carpet over those hardwoods. The floors didn’t look that bad on TV – even if you didn’t have the time to refinish them (sanding & re-coating takes several days), just put down some nice area rugs to warm things up. You DON’T cover up hardwood floors. (Some folks commented about carpet being better for the kids to lay down on. Area rugs accomplish the same thing, but with less worry – oh, stain on the rug? I can get a new rug! Stain on the carpet? Time to go to work and hope it comes out.) My 2 & 4 year old kids love our family room, hardwood floors & area rug & all. *fuming*

  34. Shannon says

    I believe Trish said the reason she had to buy a recliner for her Dad was that he had a medical condition and needed to sleep in a recliner chair. Apparently, he requires a more upright sleeping position to breathe more easily, not because her Mom won’t allow him in the bedroom, as you suggested. Also, I didn’t notice that her ponytail is fake, but nevertheless she is the most photogenic and poised before the camera. However, I don’t find her designing interesting or innovative enough to make me want to tune into each show (if she had become the next Design Star). By contrast, I always look forward to seeing what David and Kim are going to do next — they are always surprising me. I think Matt’s show would do the same, if he is chosen. Both he and Jennifer seem to be classy people, though. Not only did he make that nice gesture in New Orleans of letting Jennifer have Mikey V’s services first for her kitchen, but when Jennifer accidentally broke a vase of Trish’s on an earlier show, she offered to give Trish something of hers to replace it.